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Bound To Hurt


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  1. rozharrison

    That title is about right! Ouch, not just the butt but the arms would be burning too in that position. Interesting pic Prefectdt, and interesting rope work.


    • It’s not an easy position for the arms to be in for a long time Roz, especially as she would probably be straining against the ropes with that intensity of cane stroke happening


  2. I agree with Roz – that is one ouchie picture – between the ass and the arms!! AND they used hemp rope?? that’s an added ouch!! Great pic Prefectdt!

    • I have very limited experience of being bound with rope morningstar and it was usually nylon poly mix. I have to bow to your experience with hemp rope, as I have none. But it does all add up to an interesting image


  3. Yikes! That poor thing will need some loving aftercare 🙂

  4. Nice intensity! I enjoy shots of action a bit more challenging than that clip with the yardstick the other day. 😉

    I am going to assume this last shot is posed and he’s not really striking her that high. I’m figuring the cane position is so the viewer can see the damage below…..(where it belongs).

    LOL if anyone hit me that high on the rump, THEY would need a safeword! LOL

    • I try to cater to all levels of intensity, when I can KD. It makes for some added variety.

      I think that you would be right about the position of the cane in the image. I have noticed that some caners in videos aim about there to start with but bring the stroke in lower down. Sort of a capital “A” on it’s side shaped swing. I too would be unhappy about being hit that high but it sometimes happens by accident, when playing hard


  5. I can just imagine those arms aching! When one is an older person, these things matter!


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