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I’m Getting Vaccinated

As this scheduled post goes live I should be on the road, driving down to my local vaccination centre to get the COVID-19 jab. It is ahead of time, for my age group in Belgium but for some reason (I will ask why when I am there) I have been put on the priority list. When the letter came I did not argue, I just made the appointment. I am getting the Pfizer vaccine, you don’t get a choice here, I am not unhappy about that. V Day has finally come.

In reality getting vaccinated means…

I will be 70 something percent less likely to get and spread the virus, after a few days and after my second jab, in June, that goes up to 90 something percent. I doubt if they give the jab like this but one can only hope 🙂

In my fantasies getting vaccinated means that this is like me versus Coronavirus…

More Medical Mask Spankings

This is still a spanking blog, so following on from last Friday’s post here are some more spankings in medical mask pictures, for your enjoyment.

And another spanko mask

And to answer that question – Every idiot that does not put their mask over their nose


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  1. rozharrison

    That’s great news getting the vaccine Prefectdt. I’m so with you on the idiots not putting their mask over their frustrating. My biggest frustration is the college kids not wearing masks on public transport despite it being mandatory.


  2. YAY!!! so glad you’re being vaccinated! It’s one step closer to being normal… and I think we’re all ready for normal 🙂

  3. Good for you! Believe me, it will open up your world tremendously…..and we all needed that return to some semblance of social normality.

    Love the “Aliens” clip….but that buxom nurse is something out of a Fellini-esque nightmare. LOL She could be a ‘sub-boss’ in a creepy video game. “Level 3. Defeat Nurse Necrophilia and her deadly hypodermics, before escaping Misery Asylum.” LOL

  4. Glad you are getting the Jab! Remember it is two weeks (not 2 or 3 days) before the first dose is really effective, so beware. Love the masked spankings, and do save some of those spankings for people who wear masks, not just those who don’t. That would leave many of us in a terrible dilemma. ( a true catch 22)
    bottoms up

    • I have been checking up Pfizer on the government websites and they all tend to agree that it is one week for the first jab and two weeks for the second Red. Pfizer does seem to be one of the fastest acting of the vaccines. But I will carry on with the precautions anyway


      • Glad you will carry on with precautions. 50% is not a really large enough protection for us to do anything differently!

        • Numbers that I have are 92 percent a week after the first jab and 95 percent two weeks after the second jab for Pfizer. But I am still taking precautions until the figures for everyone here are good


  5. Good news on the vaccine! Not a huge fan of mask photos, but they will always remind us of this time in history.

  6. Hurray for getting vaccinated. That spanko mask is cute 🙂 And i couldn’t agree with you more on people not wearing masks getting spanked!

    • I was surprised to be put on the priority list fondles but apparently it had something to do with my blood condition. It amazes me how many people need an instruction chart to use a mask properly though



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