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Why Do I Like This Thrasher So Much? 🙂


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  1. rozharrison

    That’s a great pic Prefectdt. Um, let me see, could it be the glasses?:)


  2. ahhhhhhhhh Roz beat me to the answer — definitely the glasses !!!
    she has beautiful skin – makes me wonder if someone did some air brushing……

  3. Did you ever see an image and when you take in the details, feel like it wouldn’t be something you’d like…….and then you find yourself liking it anyway? And you can’t even figure out why? Well, you nailed that for me today!

    I don’t prefer blondes. I find whips as props to be hackneyed. I HATE stilettos on otherwise nude models. Glasses? Well OK glasses are a plus for me too. But it can’t just be the glasses?! Can it? LOL

    (Stealing this one too!) 😉

    • Any enjoyable image is a mix of elements KD. They have to be as almost any image will have things that somebody might not like in it, so it tends to be a case of the good out weighing the bad


  4. Damn….that’s one little hottie!

  5. yes, i agree with the others. it’s the glasses. But for me, it’s the couch. I love that red couch.


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