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Daily Archives: May 14, 2021


A Little Image Related Musing On Self Spanking

I did try to find a mix of men and women self spanking for this post but I found that most of the images and GIFs of men, doing a bit of DIY discipline were of poor quality. So it’s all the Girls

And why is Prefectdt interested in this subject right now? I hear you ask

To put it honestly, I have started a regime of daily self spanking

I am doing this not for fun, not because I find it a turn on and not as a matter of self-discipline

I am doing this just to try and build up a bit of pain resilience in preparation for a real spanking, that I hope will happen in the not too distant future. I have not had a proper spanking since June 2020 and I find that I tend to lose pain tolerance with such a long absence from play and I don’t want to turn up for a spanking and then look like a bit of a wimp. So a program of self spanking it is

I hate self spanking. My body just is not designed to do it, I need a second elbow in my arm. It is annoying and offers no pleasure or relief

But hopefully, it will prepare my rear end for a proper spanking, when the opportunity arrives

I am feeling so pain slutty right now. Starting this regime though, is like a hopeful planning for the future and ouchy fun to come