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A Little Image Related Musing On Self Spanking

I did try to find a mix of men and women self spanking for this post but I found that most of the images and GIFs of men, doing a bit of DIY discipline were of poor quality. So it’s all the Girls

And why is Prefectdt interested in this subject right now? I hear you ask

To put it honestly, I have started a regime of daily self spanking

I am doing this not for fun, not because I find it a turn on and not as a matter of self-discipline

I am doing this just to try and build up a bit of pain resilience in preparation for a real spanking, that I hope will happen in the not too distant future. I have not had a proper spanking since June 2020 and I find that I tend to lose pain tolerance with such a long absence from play and I don’t want to turn up for a spanking and then look like a bit of a wimp. So a program of self spanking it is

I hate self spanking. My body just is not designed to do it, I need a second elbow in my arm. It is annoying and offers no pleasure or relief

But hopefully, it will prepare my rear end for a proper spanking, when the opportunity arrives

I am feeling so pain slutty right now. Starting this regime though, is like a hopeful planning for the future and ouchy fun to come


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  1. If you can spank yourself – my hat’s off to you….. once I tried… pathetic try I have to admit… the first time I tried to hit hard…….. GAH ! it hurt (grinning) and I tossed the crop across the room!!

    BUT I do think you have a good plan to build up pain tolerance…. I know after this winter my pain tolerance is down considerably..though Sir Steve doesn’t much worry about that — and I seem to bruise easier which pleases Sir Steve who then spends the next week slapping / poking the bruises just to hear me yelp…….. 🙂

    • Sounds like a fun post spanking game morningstar. I have done this before, after long breaks between play. I hate it but it does help prepare you for playing again


  2. Too bad I didn’t know of your dilemma with the guys. A couple years ago I did a self-spank video as a Jackass July dare requested by our lovely Fondles. I took it down eventually but I would have let you use it for your post. It was a series of short videos. Of course I’m no hunky model to be sure and likely to not be of any real interest or appeal. But it was a real self-spanking, no doubt about that.

    • There are some self spanking GIFs and photos out there of guys but the ones of the girls are just so much better KD. I think it is because they are more likely to generate income


  3. Self-spanking is awkward. I’ve found for me that standing up straight is the best way…and to try to really flick my wrist. I have the best luck with the tawse…it’s short, but flexible enough to really be able to spank my own bottom hard with. I love that you are prepping yourself! I know it’s not fun like the real thing…but hopefully the real thing finds you soon 🙂

    • I find that short canes work best for me nora. It is one situation where bamboo is better than rattan. I agree about standing up straight, I just can’t get the right flick, bending over and you cannot get a proper swing, not like in a two person situation


      • Agreed! I have a short acrylic cane, which really smarts on my thighs…but I can’t get a good enough swing on my bottom. My short wooden paddle and hairbrush do the trick though!

        • I find that forgetting about trying for a swing with canes works. It is not like two people playing together. I go for a more sharp harsh flick from the wrist rather than trying for a swing


  4. rozharrison

    Self spanking is difficult,and definitely not the same. You can’t get enough power behind the swats. Good idra to build tolerance though. My pain threshold reaches zero after a long time without spanking lol


    • Mine too Roz. I can turn up for a play session, feeling really pain slutty and asking to be thrashed halfway to the moon and then find that I can’t handle more than a little patty caking.


  5. Well ,building up tolerance will make you capable of a longer spanking, but is not the goal to reach your maximum tolerance and then some? Jokingly, then you could book a shorter time slot and save some money. Fortunately, Cindy attends to my being spanked often enough for me not to self indulge, but if I occasionally have many years ago, a long handled bath brush can be extremely effective. Lovely bottoms to look at. thanks
    bottoms up


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