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I thought that it might be nice to try a new series of posts or it might become a series, if this first one is popular enough. Spankos very often practice their art in a domestic situation, utilizing various locations in their homes and often their everyday furniture as spanking benches or supports. In this edition of this image based exploration of spanking domesticity let us take a look at…….


Kneeling On The Bed

In a recent comment, morningstar, who writes the blog


pointed out that this is a very difficult position to be spanked in. I agree with her, a mattress is far too unsupportive to hold your weight in this position and it is difficult to maintain your position and balance in this situation. All in all, not the best use of a bed

Bending Over The Mattress

In the position of bending over the side or the end of the bed, the torso is supported by the mattress and it is very pleasing. It is comfortably supporting, whilst bending at the waist stretches the muscles of the buttocks, aiding the spanker to deliver an effectively painful set of strokes or swats

OTK On A Bed

OTK on a bed tends to be a bit of a lost cause. It puts the spanker in an unsupported position and often lowers their stance over the target area. I have had some of my most disappointing OTK spankings delivered by a spanker siting on a bed

Lying Flat Along The Bed

This is one of my most favourite places to be when getting some whacks. It allows the spanker to find a good stance to let all hell loose, with their toy of choice. As a recipient it is comfortable and you do not have to worry about balance and maintaining a position. You can just let the pain take your mind to wondrous places. In fact I like this so much, it is going to get two GIFs 🙂

And of course, beds do offer a myriad of opportunities for restraints

The Bed has so many more potential spanking uses but unfortunately this post can only be so long


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  1. rozharrison

    Grrat post idea Prefectdt, enjoyed the pics. My most familiar positions are bending over the end of the bed or OTK. Haven’t tried kneeling on the bed but it makes sense that would be difficult.


  2. rozharrison

    Grrat post idea Prefectdt, enjoyed the pics. My most familiar positions are bending over the end of the bed or OTK. Haven’t tried kneeling on the bed but it makes sense that would be difficult.


    • Kneeling on the bed is hard to do when you are taking some Roz. All the changes in the centre of gravity make it hard to maintain a position. Still you might try it once, just to find out for yourself 🙂


  3. I’m often lying flat on my front on the bed. Perfect.

  4. The bed is our 90% plus location of choice, and yet not a single shot depicted our position. LOL (We use the bed, but I still flop across Rosa’s lap like a reclining OTK. )

  5. I am extremely happy we have moved our spanking out of the bedroom to the chair in the living room…….. we’ve talked about the kneeling on the bed… and OMG the bent over the bed?! our bed is so high I had to stand on tippy toes.. which tended to give me muscle cramps … lying prone on the bed is really nice for support AND some added friction if one wiggles……….

    loved all the pics Prefectdt!!

    • OMG! How high is your bed morningstar? You don’t keep it on top of the wardrobe do you 🙂 It is right that different styles of the same type of furniture can make a big difference


  6. OTK on the bed works really well for us! It took a bit of experimenting to find a position that worked though.

    I’ve got a neck issue, so lying flat, even flat OTK isn’t something I can do for very long, but having my head fully unsupported is also an issue (I’m difficult 😂). What we landed on was OTK at the END of the bed, so I can rest my elbows on the bed frame (slightly below the mattress. The other key thing that makes it work, is he uses one of those roller things (you know those foam cylinders used to roll out muscles in gyms or physical therapy I guess?) under his feet. That bumps up his knees and makes his legs nice and flat so I feel well supported and he can hold me more securely.

  7. Wonderful set of phots and gifs. with a few really super red bottoms. Loved the ripple of the bottom on the last gif, and the punishing down movement of the woman’s bottom on the gif before. Favorite is the young woman, rubbing her super red bottom
    bottoms up


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