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A Windy Spanking

I think that someone must have caught this on a security camera of something like that. It is only one swat but what an impressive swat it is

A Cop Gets What’s coming To Him

I have never seen this cartoon series but this bit does look fun. And this cop earns the spanking that he gets 🙂

Some Vintage Spanking

This is from the silent movie era. I have no idea of its origin or who is in it but it does have some good M/m and M/f action. Proof that fun spanking was around long before we came along

Have a good weekend everybody


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  1. As embarrassing as that first one might have been, he was lucky he was facing the direction he was or that could have been a concussion!

    I think I liked the vintage charm of the last one best.

  2. rozharrison

    Oh my at the first one and I love the last one. Great finds Prefectdt:)


  3. This is discipline.. and this is sexual! LOL. I feel really sorry for that first guy tho. That could have ended really badly!

  4. really enjoyed the vintage video, when spankings could be fun, not thought of as abuse! Great find.
    bottoms up

  5. Pref, thanks for sharing the videos. Poor guy in the first one. Love the last one.


  6. It’s interesting how everyone loved the last one… (me too by the way!) and worried about the guy in the first one…… I don’t know – it seems to me if he had been seriously hurt it wouldn’t have been uploaded to a spanking site 🙂

    • That last one has a lot of vintage charm, morningstar. The first video came from YouTube but I think that he was OK. Watching the video a few more times, I think that he got lucky and landed on his shoulder and went into a natural role. Still I bet he had some bruises the next day



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