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Daily Archives: May 24, 2021


Sarah Gregory is very active in the spanking video production scene and has been for some years now

At the last count she was involved in the running of 6 spanking websites, as well as appearing on other peoples sites

She also runs the Lone Star Spanking Party

Apart from that she was born in 1984, I know very little about Ms Gregory’s background

Her long term partner is John Osborne, who you may know from the blog


Outside of spanking her interests include singing, dancing, photography and graphic design

She seems to specialize in OTK spankings but does often appear in other positions. And she is not so delicate that she is frightened of being spanked to real tears

Watching Ms Gregory being spanked, strapped, paddled, caned or punished with anything is always a treat, so let us hope that she continues with her career for many years to come

She also is happy to hand out some licks

And I believe offers her services as a professional disciplinarian

If you would like to find out more about Sarah Gregory, just type “Sarah Gregory Spank” into any search engine and you will be deluged with links