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I am always in awe of the professional spankees, that I see on screen, who can take some serious whups and still stoically keep their cool. But there are some amateurs out there that can match them. Here are a couple of videos of two of these heroes

Her Butt Breaks The Paddle

Thinking that the first spanker is a bit of a wimp, another steps in to bring it on hard, as this hero swaps swats for tickets. And it barely seems to stir a hair on her head

One For The Lad

Fifty swats coming in hot, down at the Heart Attack Grill and this guy is up for it

Happy Friday everybody


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  1. Video #1 was cute. She really didn’t react much at all! Maybe she had already gone a bit numb? Or was very hyped up by the excitement? Who knows how long she was at it? Also, I doubt her shorts provided a lot of protection because that paddle did have some meat to it……although it did break, so maybe it was light wood? I would have preferred her in a thong for this event anyway.

    As for the guy swatting? I felt like I was watching a muscly Ed Norton (from the Honeymooners) given the amount of pre-swing gyration he went through. I just wanted to see Jackie Gleason in the crowd yelling, “will you come on?!!” 😉

    Video #2. Eh. I’m not sure on how much credit he deserves for stoicism. The paddle is wide and thin, and he’s wearing heavy jeans. My guess is that if my Rosa used one of OUR paddles and had his butt bare, he’d be far less composed. 😉

    • Mr muscles does look like he enjoys posing for the crowd, perhaps that’ why the long wind up KD. Has Rosa ever thought of getting a job at the Heart Attack Grill? Sounds like she might be good at it 🙂


      • We would have to move to Vegas and you wouldn’t get me there with a bribe! (I am a devout East Coast Snob) LOL

        And I doubt Rosa would enjoy such a career. It’s like turning anything fun into a job.

  2. rozharrison

    These are funny. The girl in the first video sure was stoicthe guy sure made a production out of spanking her, as did the waitress in the second clip.


  3. Interesting videos Prefectdt… the first one made me wince … there’s something about having strangers taking pot shots at your butt that worries me…

    The second one was more a gimmick – I’m surprised THAT paddle didn’t break with the first gentle swat.


      You were late posting today – usually I read you with my first cup of coffee was wondering what was up? worked late?

      • My post was scheduled for midday European time morningstar, the same as almost every day and I checked to see if it was there on my phone. Have the clocks gone forward in Canada perhaps?


    • She seemed OK with the paddling morningstar, perhaps she really wanted those tickets 🙂

      I wish that I could get spanked at the heart Attack grill, just to see what their paddles are like for myself


  4. The first video is amazing. No reaction, from a paddling. Buns of steel!
    Wish she had a thong on and showed the result of the spanking!
    bottoms up


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