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Chairs – Not Just For Sitting On


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  1. rozharrison

    Yeow, that does look sore! Kneeling on a chair like that wouldn’t be comfortable either!


  2. Impressive. Credit to the disciplinarian and recipient on this accomplishment.

    • Looking closely, I see harsh cane welts, evenly applied across the buttocks, in a parallel form and no wrapping KD. This does show the efforts of someone who knows how to use a cane and holding position for such a hard caning could not have been easy for her. All in all a job very well done on both parts


  3. I can only imagine that she was a very naughty girl who received some well-earned discipline. Perhaps this is the masochist in me, but I kinda wish she was holding a bar of soap in her mouth. That is a VERY well-spanked bottom. She won’t be sitting comfortably any time soon….


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