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Daily Archives: May 30, 2021


Two For Tawse And Tawse For Two

Coronavirus Belgium

Just a quick update on the situation here in Belgium. I have to say that I am cautiously hopeful that we are on the road to recovery here but I am keeping a weather eye on the Indian strain that has yet to appear in large numbers, at this time in Belgium. All the bad numbers have been on a steady decline for some weeks now and we have reached the national government set target of less than 500 people in Intensive Care Unit beds, with COVID-19. This should allow some relaxation of regulations to go ahead in June. The last Rt rate, that I saw, stood at 0.82 and deaths are down to an average of 17 per day. The vaccination program has picked up pace and is steaming ahead nicely now. If you want to see all the latest figures, click the link below. Remember these numbers are for a country with a population of a little over eleven million people


Three ways to legally get the vaccine in Belgium

There are three ways that people can get vaccinated in Belgium and I thought that I would list them for your information

1/ Wait for a letter from the national government, that contains a personal code for you. Then make an appointment, via the internet or telephone to visit your local vaccination centre. This is how most people (including myself) are getting their vaccination

2/ Put your name down on the reserve list for your local vaccination centre, via the internet. If there are missed appointments on any particular day then vaccination will be offered to those on the reserve list. This is a good option for anyone in a situation where they can just drop everything and go at short notice to get a jab

3/ Hang around your local vaccination centre at the end of their operational day. Rather than throw vaccine away, if there is supply left after those with an appointment and those on the reserve list have been seen, vaccination is being offered to any passers-by who have not been vaccinated already. I am presuming that there are reasons that the vaccine (mostly Pfizer in Belgium) cannot be re frozen and it would be a shame to waste it