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Top Of The Click Pops For May 2021

It’s time to see what the top ten most popular images were on this blog in the past month

The link to the original post is in the title of the image

So Play The Music

Number 10 with 54 clicks

Number 9 with 55 clicks

Number 8 with 59 clicks

Number 7 with 60 clicks

Number 6 with 61 clicks

Number 5 with 62 clicks

Number 4 with 64 clicks

Number 3 with 66 clicks

Number 2 with 71 clicks

Number 1 for May 2021 with 79 clicks


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  1. Roz harrison

    Nice collection Prefectdt:)


  2. It’s interesting to see which pics were favourite……… mind you all your pics are ‘interesting’ (grinning)

  3. Those are some interesting results (and confirm that I am definitely a minority among internet viewers). The top 3 shots all feature what I would refer to as “creepy guys” as Tops….each worse than the other. The #1 guy even sports a Count Dracula haircut!. Since none of these guys looks like a partner of the person being smacked, when I see shots like these I kind of wince as my mind races to all sorts of speculation as to how and why these particular fellows are doing the striking. (None of my imagined scenarios are warm and fuzzy, with most revolving around some sort of sleazy exploitation situation, many related to Russian mob speculations.) And yet these are the shots most people “like”. As Spock would say…..”fascinating”.

    I am very curious as to what regular women think when they see these guys, or guys like this, in the Top slot? I am not referring to appearance in terms of age or good looks, but rather what I referred to earlier as some palpable “sleaze-factor” that permeates their look. Are there male Tops out there that look like everyday guys or do they all look like guys you’d avoid at a party? LOL

    For me #6 is a clear favorite (I even snatched that image when you first posted it. LOL). Nice reversal, female to female, and no Russian mob guy swatting a drug-addicted Czech girl. win-win. 😉

    • The guy in Num 1 Is from Slovakia, he and his wife run a spanking video production house. Pandora Blake has shot with them, perhaps you can contact her and find out what he is like KD. The Guy in Num 2 is from the Czech Republic or Czechia and is gay. Which might be reassuring to a gal who is going to get naked in front of a guy and let him cane her, that she has only just met, in that she knows that he is not just getting a quick cheap thrill out of the situation. The guy in Num 3 I know nothing about but I think that a bad producer would soon be called out on the performer networks. i hope that soothes your troubled mind, KD


      • Thanks for the detailed response. (I am impressed that you know these things.) I was amused at my gut reaction of thinking “Czech/Russian” turning out to be pretty on-target. As for the ‘soothing of my troubled mind?’……………honestly? Not so much.

        From what I’ve read about the adult film industry here, I know that even if not entirely mob-run, there is still a substantial influence or presence in the industry. I can’t imagine that if such an influence exists in varying degrees here, that “over there” it is any better.

        There is something about Czech and even Japanese “porn” that triggers a wince in me. Not at the subject matter. I am pretty cool with almost anything consensual, but this feeling that there is something coerced behind at least some of it. I keep thinking: human trafficking at worst, taking advantage of desperate women at best. And I tend to doubt that an industry so infiltrated with scary people is going to come out against anyone, no matter what.

        BUT, even if these guys are saints on earth and I am totally off base, I still say they LOOK creepy. (If you’re trying to be appealing, why cut your hair like Dracula?) Even Masterson looked creepy to me back in his ponytail days, and I kind of am OK with his look onscreen.

        • The porn industry as a whole probably does have some bad influencers, but the spanking video part of that is a sideline, almost cottage industry. Many of the producers see it more as a self-financing hobby than a big moneymaker or they are making the videos as customs, paid for by an individual that they can release at a later date on their own website or clips for sale to make a little profit on them. I just don’t think that there is the large scale money making or laundering potential in spanking videos to attract the attention of organized crime. It is not like mainstream porn.

          As to the guys looking creepy, to be honest I would like to hear a woman’s opinion on that. I don’t feel fit to judge (not with my awful dress and style sense anyway).


  4. #3 is my fave Perfectdt. Love the look on her face.

  5. Yep…. LOVED all of these!

  6. Number three would be my favorite, as a mature woman having a reddened bottom, number 8 for a really red bottom, and then number 2, as the idea of seeing others being spanked, and waiting for your turn is awesome
    bottoms up


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