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Daily Archives: June 7, 2021


New Post Update – Consensual Spanking is back, in a way and can be found through the link below


Post Update – It seems that my reporting of the end of the blog Consensual Spanking may have been premature and there is a chance, that after sorting some problems out, that it may return. I am leaving this post up just to prove that I am human, make mistakes and should be jolly well spanked for them. I hope that Consensual Spanking returns soon

Goodbye To An Old Blog Buddy

Note – All the images in this post are ones that I nabbed from the blog Consensual Spanking, with a mind to use them at another time

I decided that I would not do Goodbyeeees any more, but there are exceptions to every rule and when I saw that this blog had gone, I decided that this was one of those exceptions.

Red was the little “m” in an F/m relationship with his partner Cindy and the evil genius behind one of the most funny and entertaining spanking blogs on the internet

It was no big shock that this blog was going. Red had announced it more than a year ago, because he and Cindy planned to spend more time travelling

But then a global pandemic happened and Red found himself stuck at home and so the blog got a stay of execution

And thank the fates that this blog was still there to help us through the misery of the last months

I never visited this blog and came away without a smile on my face, it was the most humorous of spanking blogs and never failed to entertain

I wish that I had commented more but I often could not think of anything relevant to say about the posts. Although I could have written “Thanks for the giggles” a thousand times

Let us wish Red and Cindy many more happy years of travelling and many more spankings than can be counted



And thanks for the soul saving giggles a thousand times over