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Honey, I Have A New Hobby


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  1. That’s a helluva look! I’m not usually into the whole decked-out Domme-thing, but she is changing my mind.

  2. Roz harrison

    Wow, this is such an awesome pic! It’s funny,, somehow the woman looking in the mirror almost looks fake to me, like she’s a doll,and the mirror image looks more real. I dunno lol


  3. What I want to know is how long it took her to pull those stockings on?!!

    And I have a question – if you are looking for a decent spanking/flogging would you really think someone decked out so fashionably as this woman would be able to give you such a session??

    know what I was told growing up in the BDSM world? – that only submissives exposed their bits to the world.. a Domme would wear (by most standards) conservative clothing – a corset OVER a blouse or dress – and the skirt/dress would not be a mini skirt…

    • To true morningstar, this kind of outfit is more suited to the photographers’ studio, than the real play room. But that is what a lot of photography is about. Creating an illusive fantasy. I am not a great fan of killer heels in real life but in an image, they are great


  4. Damn, she has a rockin’ bod!!!

  5. Besides her near-perfect body, especially her sweetly-rounded bumcheeks, what I find so appealing about this young woman are her glasses and pensive facial expression–she looks like a librarian who’s acts as a dominatrix just for certain people (hopefully including me)… –C.K.

  6. what a delightful hobby
    bottoms up


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