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Welcome to the second in this series of posts. The first one proved popular and so I thought that we might explore this theme further. Spankos very often practice their art in a domestic situation, utilizing various locations in their homes and often their everyday furniture as spanking benches or supports. In this edition of this image based exploration of spanking domesticity, let us take a look at…….

The Dining Table


This simple but sturdy piece of furniture does offer a whole host of possibilities


It does allow the submissive to present themselves at a height that is optimal for most spankers, when they are standing


If the spanking is proving to be challenging to the recipient, the dining table does offer itself up as a good solid thing to grip, whilst you are hanging on for dear life

Asking For It

If a submissive is seeking some fun attention, It is hard to find a better place to present a derriere, with an aim to wordlessly request the type of play that is wanted

Alternative Positions For The Sub

The dining table does offer some alternative potential positions for a submissive, beyond the obvious over bending

Choice Of Distance

No matter how long or short the weapon of ass destruction chosen, length is easily accommodated with this furniture

Alternative Positions For The Dominant

There is even a limited amount of variety offered for where the Dominant wants to position themself and their chosen strike zone

Doing A Selfie

The table does offer itself as a good, solid base for some self-discipline

Getting Social

If you want to invite some friends round, is there a better place for communal dining, conversation and of course, group spanking

Feeling The Wood

Can there be a better place for a submissive in pain to appreciate the grain and feel of this naturally based household standard item

And Getting Comfortable

With plenty of room to stretch out, the dining table is a great place for a submissive to get comfortable, before being made wonderfully uncomfortable 🙂

I hope that post gave you all some lovely and twisted ideas of how to spice up your weekend


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  1. Roz harrison

    Love this series of posts Prefectdt. No’s 4 and 5 are my favourites.hmm, haven’t really used the table much…


  2. like Roz I am loving this theme!! I want a long handled wooden spoon like the one in #7 and I think I would die of embarrassment in #10

    but I am gonna share the pics with Sir Steve – maybe give him some ideas?? (grinning)

    • That spoon is nice, I have never seen one like that in real life, morningstar. Number 10 does look like a nice Sunday roast, though?

      I hope that this gets Sir Steve’s imagination going 🙂


  3. You had some good ones today. I fletched three of them.

  4. I’ve gotten it over our pool table and our kitchen counter, but never over the dining room table. Not sure why? Some of the shots were sexy, but a few made me snicker as well. (Who the hell would think it a good idea to stand on a table in stilettos to give a spanking? ) “Feeling the Wood” was sexy though…..and perhaps even a double entendre? 😉

    • Definitely a double entendre, KD 🙂 Pool tables are great for play. I used to have one many years ago and miss it terribly. I never played much pool on it though 🙂


  5. LOVE this series of photos! I have never been placed on the dining room table but I would LOVE to be. I have a very hot fantasy surrounding that idea…perhaps I’ll need to write a big of fiction today…

  6. I too love this series and the ideas contained! I have been spanked bent over the table and as you say it does tend to focus the efforts in the right spot! I also liked “feeling the wood”… we have an old heavy recycled timber dining table that feels lovely. I just didn’t realise at the time what I was doing.
    Finally, I love the idea of bending over and just waiting! I will give that a go when I am overdue for a spanking!
    My favourite is number 11.

    • She does look so happy in that GIF merksmith 🙂 My dining table is of heavy, solid wood and I have fond memories of hugging it tightly. Shame I cannot use it for that any more


  7. I like this series Perfectdt

  8. As far the dining room table being “a great place for a subnissive to get comfortable,” that may often be true for a female spanking recipient, however less so for a male one, especially if he’s erotically excited.

    Cushions or pillows on the edge of the table, for the spankee to bend over, would work well because {1} the discomfort factor ‘up front’ would be largely eliminated, allowing the sting on his/her posterior to be the dominant sensation; and {2} his/her bare bottom would be elevated to provide a more wide-open target area for the spanker.

    Our dining table isn’t ever clear enough for me to be spousally ‘whupped’ while bending over it, however my wife wouldn’t ever agree to my being in that position anyway, for fear that I might damage the table while squirming and wriggling during her tanning of my bare behind… –C.K.

  9. A delightful collection of photos and gifs of how to use a table to enhance a spanking. Even if done in private, one can imagine it being doe while others are watching. The long spoon looks terribly effective
    bottoms up


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