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Daily Archives: June 18, 2021


I’m Gonna Be Gone For A Little While

I am firing up The Little Devil (my camper van) and heading off for a short break. I try to take a break from screens, when I am on vacation, so please be aware that I will not answer comments until I return. I hope to have some photographs for you when I get back. While I am away, there will be scheduled posts every day. The weekends will be the same as normal, but from Monday to Friday there will be a little challenge post every day. It will consist of a celebrity bottom and you have the chance to identify who that bottom belongs to. Answers will be in a post on Monday the 28th of June. From the Tuesday after that, posting should return to normal.

I’m Not Sure Where I am Going

I might try hiking in the hills

Or look for some fun on a boat

Maybe just relax by a pool

Or just find a beach to chill out on

I just hope that it is fun, see you all soon