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The Blog Calendar For July

For July, it is the turn of a male recipient to be shown on the Blog Calendar. And it is a lucky guy who has someone so happy to spank him. I can’t but help think that she has him the wrong way around on her lap, though. Still it is a good image to celebrate the month.

Some News About Consensual Spanking

A little while ago I said Goodbye to the blog Consensual Spanking in this post


At the time, it looked like I was premature in wishing this blog farewell, but unfortunately it turns out that this blog is gone for good. Which I learned about from a comment left on this blog. I suspect that some of you might have heard via another social media outlet about this, but I only have enough time for blogs. So for those of you, like me, who get your updates via blogs, I thought that I would post what Red had to say about the situation here. The comment read……

Hi Prefectdt:

Thank you for such very kind and thoughtful words. Really nice to read, and thank you to Roz, Hermione, KDPierre, Morningstar, and naughty Nora.

Sadly, the blog is gone forever. I did ask, but they replied: “We have reviewed your request regarding your account and confirmed that you have violated our Terms of Service. Therefore, we will not reinstate your account.

Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information about our policies and the actions that we take in response to policy violations on our products.

I have thought of starting a blog on WordPress, and have posted once at

however, it is rather liberating to actually stop posting!

I have said all that I ever wanted to say on the topic of spanking, and related activities, and can now drop by other people’s blogs whenever the mood strikes. This is much more difficult, because either I bookmark the sites (not something I want to do), or I have to use a email with all the sites to click on to get to. A royal pain in the bottom

In addition, Google is blocking me from leaving a comment as, so I have to use anonymous.

So, Happy trails to everyone was how I was ending the blog, with Roy rogers and Dale Evans singing the song, until we meet again.

bottoms up

All the best to Red and Cindy and I hope we see you around the blogs, from time to time


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  1. Roz harrison

    Thank you Prefectdt, she does look happy. It is such a shame to see Red go. Wishing he and Cindy the very best. His blog and comments around blogland will be missed.


  2. I am baffled by what could have triggered such a decision. To my knowledge Red’s content never seemed to violate anything I have seen in Google’s terms. Was anything specific cited as the cause for the deletion?

    • I had a Blogger blog once KD (that is why this is Spankedhortic II), that was deleted, on the claim that it had violated copy write terms. When I enquired in which post, they stated a post that was a review of a specialist shop in Antwerp. I emailed them back and pointed out that the post only contained pictures that I had taken with my own camera and only words that I had typed myself. The blog was reinstated, but I decided to move to WordPress anyway. Based on this experience, my best guess is that blogs are targeted at random by Google, so that they have some “holier than thou” numbers for their paper work. Perhaps Red was a victim of this.


    • KDPierre: Sadly, nothing specific was ever stated by Google. It is my interpretation that they are saying the pictures I post are not owned by me. Blocking use of my email on blogger though is truly sad. Also, I cannot get at any blog using redoften email, so would need to create a new blogger id, which I am reluctant to do.
      Great picture. I always want the spanker to be happy.
      bottoms up

      • There is no need to blog on your new WordPress blog, but you could use it to follow other WordPress blogs and get them through Reader and perhaps build up a blog roll for the Blogger blogs. Or even easier, just use Bonnie’s blogroll at My Bottom Smarts. It is the most comprehensive spanking blog roll that I know of. Any way, I hope that you keep in touch Red and yes, a happy spanker is always nice 🙂


        • still considering my options, but also happy to be finished with blogging. However , in everyday continue to be careful! Almost 28000 new cases of covid in one day (yesterday) in the UK. Frightening!
          bottoms up

          • The bad numbers are still falling here in Belgium, but we are aware that we are now in a race between the vaccine roll out and the rising incidences of the Delta variant


            • in the city where we live over 60% have had at least one dose, and it is even better because that is a percentage of the entire population, including children who cannot be vaccinated.

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