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Daily Archives: July 5, 2021


Welcome to another in this series of posts. Spankos very often practice their art in a domestic situation, utilizing various locations in their homes and often their everyday furniture as spanking benches or supports. In this edition of this image based exploration of spanking domesticity, let us take a look at…….

The Sofa/Couch/Settee

As If It Was Designed For Spankos

Of all the fittings in the house, could any be more appropriate for spanking activities than that master of the living room furniture

Perfect for OTK

Could there be a more comfy spot, for a spanker to settle into to deliver that overly lengthy OTK spanking? And if they are allowed it, the spankee can take advantage of the soft body support that it offers

Well Armed

The arms of the Sofa offer such a lot of variety for positioning the spankee

Giving great scope for both long and short range weapons of ass destruction

Back To Basics

The back of the Sofa will position the rear end of a spankee at just the right height for a standing spanker to get a superb swing into play

And provide a nice stance for removing obstructing underwear

Prepared For The Long Haul

If an extended funishment is going to happen

A considerate spanker might allow their submissive to assume the most comfortable position, that the Sofa offers

No Kneed For Splinters

And the Sofa offers a better alternative to the floor, if the recipient is required to kneel

Invite Your Friends Round Too

There is plenty of space for more than one repentant offender on most Sofas

And Relax

As the sofa is such a comfortable place to be, a spankee might find themselves taking more of this than normal

Leaving a behind that is just too sore to sit on. But even then a spankee can still use the sofa for some well-earned rest and recuperation time

And please feel free to add any spanking uses of the Sofa, that I have missed in this post, in the comments section. There must be many