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Leonardo DiCaprio Takes His Whups In The Basketball Diaries

I have never seen this 1995 film, but this scene does look interesting

It is a bit unrealistic, though. If he was getting spanked this hard with a Cricket bat, I doubt if he would be able to walk afterwards.

For those of you who do not know about Cricket, it is played with a bat that is basically a big thick lump of willow wood, designed to smash away at a ball that is a leather covered globe of cork, with two hands. They look like this

Have a good weekend, everyone


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  1. Roz harrison

    Yeow, a cricket bat has got to hurt. Interesting reactions from the other boys. I haven’t seen the movie either.


  2. While some Americans might assume a ‘cricket bat’ is either a species of diminutive bat that chirps instead of squeaks or the implement one uses to swat one if it gets in your house, most of us are at least aware of this extremely bizarre game. I’ve seen clips of it being played and can’t understand its appeal, but I don’t understand the appeal of most sports, soccer in particular so I am a poor judge.

    As for DiCaprio being paddled? I’ll consider it fair comeuppance for his ‘period’ performances, Man in the Iron Mask especially. Although he does a great job in contemporary roles. The Departed possibly being his best.

    • I love cricket, KD. Mainly because I can listen to it on the radio, I have never been able to sit and watch sports. International test matches are the best, as they last for up to six weeks in total. A sport does not feel like a sport, to me, unless the half-time break lasts a week 🙂

      I really liked DiCaprio in “Catch me if you can”, I’m not sure if that counts as a period piece or not as it his historical but not from so long ago


      • No, he was great in that. Even Aviator. It’s when he goes back TOO far, like anything prior to 1915. I wish he would just stick to relatively contemporary pieces. Hell, even in Titanic he was borderline and that was 1912.

        I’m just teasing about cricket. I am one of those non-sports guys that other guys don’t get. I’d rather talk recipes than baseball. Makes me a bit of an outcast….imagine that. LOL 😉

  3. A spanking with a cricket bat would be a serious thing…some serious bruising…..

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