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Daily Archives: July 17, 2021


But It Was Time That We Got A New Car Anyway

Floods Belgium

There seems to have been a lot on the news about the flooding in Germany, but the international news community only now seem to be catching on to the fact that these floods also hit Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and The Netherlands.

Luckily for me, these floods did not hit where I live. The worst flooding, in Belgium, seems to be along the river Maas (Meuse), with the city of Liege (Luik) being the worst effected. Although many other towns and areas were very badly flooded and damaged. As I write this (Friday 16th of July), the death toll stands at 20, for Belgium, but unfortunately this will increase. European Union cooperation has been initiated and to date, 150 rescue workers from France, Austria and Italy have arrived in the country to help in the rescue effort.

The area of the river Maas (Meuse) and the Ardennes are popular tourist destinations. Both have suffered heavily and are in a state of emergency. Anyone who was planning to take a holiday in these areas, over the next few weeks, would be well advised to choose another destination.

COVID-19 Belgium

I have been watching the bad numbers for Coronavirus plummet, in Belgium, for weeks now. I was planning to do a happy post about this as we had the first day, since the start of the pandemic, with zero deaths from the disease. This did occur on the 7th of July and again on the 10th. But at the same time, the Delta variant took hold on the country and infections started to rise rapidly. So that scuppered my happy news day. Hospitalization rates are rising, thankfully very slowly, and the death rate is staying low, with an average of two a day. The vaccination program in Belgium has speeded up and is proceeding at an impressive rate. At the moment, it seems to be a race between the Delta variant and the vaccination program. This race is very “Neck and neck” at this time. There was to be a meeting of the consultative committee on Friday, 16th of July, to decide on tightening or loosening restrictions. This has been postponed until Monday, 19th July because of the emergency situation with the floods. If you would like to see more details, please follow the link below