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Welcome to another in this series of posts. Spankos very often practice their art in a domestic situation, utilizing various locations in their homes and often their everyday furniture as spanking benches or supports. In this edition of this image based exploration of spanking domesticity, let us take a look at…….

The Straight backed chair

Found All Around The House

We find these chairs in various forms, around dining tables, in the kitchen, in front of bedroom dressing tables and at the computer desk

But even if they are not in the room where you want them, they are easily transportable to where they are needed

Ideal For OTK

Both for spanking her

And for spanking him

It is, in fact, the go-to furnishing, for many spankers wanting to administer an OTK punishment

Lean On Me

If the spankee needs something to lean on, to receive a spanking that requires a longer swing, this purpose is served too

Stay In Position

For a spankee who tends to flinch away from those biting strokes, the back of the chair can be used to keep their bottom where it needs to be

Break Out The toys

And if you have a standing or OTK spanking, the chair is a great place to deploy those weapons of ass destruction

Taking the knee

A cushioned chair is always a comfortable spot for a spankee to kneel

Adding To The Fun

Put two chairs together and they can make a passable spanking bench

Other Alternatives Are Available

Such as a base for a wheelbarrow spanking

Keeping Them In Their Place

Some spankees can do a disappearing act, if they know that a spanking is happening in the near future. A little chair bondage will keep them where they are needed, until the appointed hour arrives


If the straight backed chair is your kind of thing, you could try making a special one, to fit your exact requirements

Once the spanking is over, you are left with a place for someone to sit, uncomfortably 🙂


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  1. Roz harrison

    Great collection Prefectdt, some interesting positions lol. Actually, I don’t think I have been bent over a chair.


  2. Chairs were fine for me ……when I was in my 20’s and 30’s. Now? My old creaky joints prefer OTK on a bed or sofa. I’m also 6’3”…………which is not conducive to most chair OTK. However, I’ve had one petite sub back when I was switching and Topping, and hauling her over MY lap in a straight-backed chair was simplicity itself!

  3. I enjoyed all the pics – but the last one made me giggle
    I have been bent over chairs in varying positions – but I HATE OTK … I always feel like I am gonna fall – or as awkward as a bull in a china shop!

    • You just gave me a great idea, morningstar. How about two safety belts, each one attached to one of the spankers legs and going over the spankees legs and back. Giving a feeling of safety from falling, to the spankee and adding an element of bondage to an OTK scenario 🙂


  4. lovely collection of pictures and gifs, and i am certain you had fun searching for them. We use OTK on a chair, and sometimes kneeling but upright for the cane using a chair. I have also been over the back of the chair with my hands on the seat, so that the bath brush, cane or tawse could do their magic. bottoms up
    Ps: learning to click only on the pictures i really like, so that they have a better chance on being the top of the clicks

  5. I love your collection of pictures 🙂

  6. 17th pic: When I make sure to lock the door, and let my ( )!( ) take some consequences


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