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Daily Archives: August 11, 2021


Welcome to another in this series of posts. Spankos very often practice their art in a domestic situation, utilizing various locations in their homes and often their everyday furniture as spanking benches or supports. In this edition of this image based exploration of spanking domesticity, let us take a look at……

Spanking In The Kitchen

Where All The Best Parties End Up

Every house has a kitchen and we tend to spend a lot of time in them. Cooking, washing up, cleaning and spying on the neighbours out of the window. So why not add enjoying some spanking play to that list. Most kitchens have enough room to play in, even the small ones

Plenty Of Pervertables

If a spanker has forgotten to bring some dedicated toys, this is no problem as the draws are stuffed with tools that can be perverted to spanking purposes

Spoons, spatulas, frying pans and a whole host of other goodies are at hand to be turned to some fun impact play

But check what you have taken out of the cupboard, before you start trying to spank with it

Role Play Heaven

The kitchen offers a whole smorgasbord of possibilities to those who want to add a little amateur dramatics to their spanking play

That’ll teach him to tell her to make him a san’ich

A good place to deal with disappointing servants

The boys were late home from the party

This boy and girl thought they could get a sneaky midnight feast

And the neighbours can see you dresses like that through the window

The Kitchen is also a great place for genuine domestic discipline

I did not give you permission to get a tattoo

Can you see the crumbs on the floor now?

I have been waiting here to make sure that you know there will be consequences when you break your diet plan

And There Is Always The Opportunity For Some Home Image Making

With all that light from the large window, making home videography and photography a doddle

All In All, The Kitchen Is A Fun Place To Get Spanked

For him

And For Her

And After The Spanking You Can Enjoy A nice Beverage


Note – I have deliberately included an M/m GIF in this post, as some people enjoy those. Please feel free to express an opinion about this. I am interested to know if this is a popular thing to do