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There Is Always Something New To Learn

Last week, I posted an instructional video by Princess Kelly May. I have since had chance to see more of her YouTube videos and found them well-made and offering clear and sound advice. You can check out her videos, through the link below


There is not a huge amount of videos on the channel at the moment, but they seem to be building up at about the rate of about one a month. I have decided to add this channel to the blog and vlog rolls. You can find these in the list in the sidebar on the right, if you are viewing this blog on a computer. If you are viewing on a phone, you can access this list through the menu at the top of the blog or through this link


Here are a couple of her videos. I think that the first one might be particularly interesting to morningstar, as it addresses the issue of spankees feeling insecure when OTK

OTK Spanking

A Short Word About Roleplay


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  1. She’s cute. And just under the legal limit for “too perky”. Also good advice for beginners which echoes similar advice I’ve given over the years but with chance instead of roleplay as the icebreaker for a vanilla. We just started watching a documentary on Charles I, having just completed a couple on William the Conqueror and Henry VII. Charles really needed a spanking, and at least that would have been less extreme than what actually happened to him. LOL

    One point of disagreement: she stated that everyone knows Tony Stark spanked Spiderman in the scene when he came out of his Iron Man suit. Well, As a Marvel fan (though not of the movies) I should remind her that once he’s out of that suit, Spiderman could easily snap his spine without even working up a sweat. So no spanking there…….unless MAYBE he stayed in the suit. LOL

    • Charles I did get a spanking KD, on the back of the neck with an axe. Not my favourite toy 🙂

      In fantasy roleplay anything can happen, perhaps Mr Stark had some tech, hidden under his day suit 🙂


  2. Thank you Prefectdt,

    I will definitely have to come back and check these out and her other videos. Hope you have a great weekend:)


  3. WOW! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this, Prefectdt! I may have to share your post over on my blog today (giving you tons of credit, of course!)…. hope this is okay! XOXO

  4. This is first time I have seen Spanking University address the question of “where to spank”. True. A knowledgeable top needs to know the dangers of striking the danger zones and before a few years ago, I didn’t know this. Good information.

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  6. Please be aware that this woman takes money for online sessions and then doesn’t show. Don’t be fooled.


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