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Before I start this post, I would just like to state that I am not sponsored by Djeki nor am I making money out of this post in any way. I just think that this work is great.

The Russian Artist Djeki

I saw the odd example of this artist, around the ‘net and finally found a website. You can view it through the following link


The visual representations of spanking scenes within Djeki’s works is very pleasing. But more than that, she seems to capture the atmosphere of an adult corporal punishment scene.

Her works come in four formats. Oil paint, which I am not so fond of. Drawings and digital creations, that are very nice. And watercolour, where she really shines brightly. Here are some more examples of her art

Her artwork features both male and female submissives but the person or persons handing out the lashes are always women. I recommend that you check out her website. Here is the link again



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  1. Wow, I hadn’t heard of her before, but her artwork is amazing. I will have to check out some more. Thanks Prefectdt:)


  2. This reminds me of a “Russian ‘Barb’ (O’Toole)” and I am convinced that their methodology is the same: deconstructing photos and photo composites in a painterly style, and as such, I have the same likes and dislikes.

    • Bit of a cryptic comment, KD. Might help if I knew who “Barb’ O’Toole” is


      • I am sincerely surprised. I am always impressed how you know every name of every model and location, so it shocks me to hear that you don’t know Barbara O’Toole. Just Google her work (try “Barb spanking art”) and you’ll be flooded with images I am sure you must have seen at some point. I also wrote at length about her in the past when critiquing “spanking art” that relies heavily on making photos from the internet look like painted illustrations and I even wrote about her in particular in my post “Drawing” February 19, 2021. Check it out and you’ll see you even tried to leave a comment on it back when you were having difficulties.

        If you take what I wrote in that post and substitute “Djeki” for “Barb”, you’ll have my detailed opinion. I think they are doing the exact same thing for the exact same reasons. Just look at the figure placement. If a figure looks sophisticated in its pose and proportion, indicating a high degree of skill in rendering, but the placement of that figure and the surroundings it’s in look clumsy, odds are the figure is a doctored photo combined with others. The only time her figures work well together is when it seems like the entire scene was a single photo to begin with.

        Djeki even advertises for computer art and it looks eerily similar to her “watercolors”. And….the prices? Let me assure you, the only way you’d see prices that low for original work is if it is being churned out. I imagine ‘she’ (if it’s a she) is taking a photo template and quickly painting over it again and again. It’s easy to color, harder to create from nothing.

        Now, I can’t PROVE this, and I could be wrong……but, I am not a betting person and yet I’d be willing to bet a significant sum that I’m not.

        • I checked out your post and vaguely remember it, KD. I do not have much screen time every day and lengthier posts, like that, I usually only have time to skip read and they do not stick in my mind.

          As to not knowing artists, that is also a matter of time. Art is something that has to grab my attention, as I pass by. It is not something that I have time to go searching for. MY screen time, as I have said, being extremely limited, especially now that the bank, utility companies and everyone else in the world seems to think that I have to commit all my spare time to them.

          I will try to look at Barb O’Toole’s work in depth, When I can



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