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Top Of The Click Pops For August 2021

It’s time to see what the top ten most popular images were on this blog in the past month

The link to the original post is in the title of the image

So Play The Music

Number 10 with 48 clicks

Number 9 with 50 clicks

Number 8 with 53 clicks

Number 7 with 56 clicks

Number 6 with 59 clicks

Number 5 with 60 clicks

Number 4 with 62 clicks

Number 3 with 76 clicks

Number 2 with 78 clicks

Number 1 for August 2021 with 90 clicks

Remember, you can vote for any picture at any time, on this blog by simply clicking on it, to see it full size or right-clicking it and opening it in a new tab. Or taping on it on your smartphone. The only pictures excluded from this are one’s in “Top Of The Click Pops” posts, but even these you can get a counted click, if you click on them from their original post


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  1. I’d be curious to know what each ‘click’ was thinking? I’m guessing there’d be some variety to the answers.

  2. #6 was my favorite… as a child, I overheard a friend getting a spanking once…as an adult… I sure wish I could witness one in person!

  3. Great line up Prefectdt 🙂


  4. Truly, almost every photo is quite delightful. you definitely had a great week of posts. my fave is 2, followed by 7,8,and 9
    bottoms up


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