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It is time once more to explore my fascination with the hotness of women who wear glasses, especially when they are in a spanking situation

Let’s kick off by watching this “Spec”tacular spanker teaching a ballerina to do a lap dance

Now brace yourself to receive six of the best “Spec”tacular spanking images


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  1. Nice selection Prefectdt. The last spankee looks like she’s plotting pay back to me lol


  2. I enjoyed your ‘Spec’tacular choices today Prefectdt!! But I am still wondering how they keep their glasses on…….. mine always come off before a spanking cause they distract me

  3. Other than #4 and possibly #5, this batch aroused more smirks of amusement than usual. The last one really elicited a grin, but #2 is pretty funny as well. Heck, by the time we get to #6 even the spanker is laughing!

  4. Very ‘Spec’-ial… thanks! But I am wondering if #5 is using a cane? Or a fishing rod!

  5. I love that first one…there is just something pleasing about a ballerina spanking! XOXO

  6. fun photos. that cane would be horrible if used for real
    bottoms up


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