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You Are About To Find Out What “Alpha Female” Means


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  1. Love the outfit. She definitely means business!


  2. Actually I could return that outfit and use the money for a nice dinner out, but with the woman herself, I do find her face and hair very attractive, more so perhaps because neither are overdone with makeup or dramatic styling. Nice ‘attitude’ look too.

    • Stealing her clothes and selling them, KD? That would give her a good reason to thrash you into next Wednesday 🙂 I think you have just shown the bratty side of your personality 🙂


  3. Love that corset – I use to have one almost the same …… and always felt so good when I wore it….

    Makes me wonder though – I am most definitely submissive – so the corset doesn’t indicate role – it’s the body language – the tone of voice …the desire ?

    • Or perhaps the corset goes for both sides of the coin because it is a symbol of kinky femininity, morningstar. You have to be girl shaped to wear one like that. I doubt if it would suit me or many other men


  4. Not to be picky…but I love everything about this outfit except for the panties. Those panties do not do the rest of this outfit justice. Just saying. LOL… spank me for being picky! XOXO

  5. agree with Nora that those knickers do not suit the personna.
    bottoms up


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