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Chloe Elise first appeared on our screens in 2007 and then went around the USA spanking video production scene like a rosy cheeked whirl wind

She seemed to shoot with every company in operation, at that time, in America. Punished Brats, Shadow lane, Dallas, Firm Hand, to name but a few

I remember from her own blog, sadly long gone, that her spanking appearances, combined with a second career, as a stripper, helped finance her educational goals. Although she was in a spanking relationship, on her own time

Her tall slim form, combined with having very feminine curves, made her an excellent performer for any producer to work with

Natural Brat, was a label that she carried well. And seeing many out take shots and shooting mini-documentaries tended to prove that she was just as bratty in her own life, as in a spanking video

She is now long gone from the world of spanking videos, but still has a high level of popularity, for the work that she left behind

Combined with her looks and brattyness, Ms Elise had a well-earned reputation for being able to take some serious butt batterings

On occasions, she was not shy about handing out some spankings either

Unfortunately there is very little social media content or biographies available, on the internet to learn more about her

I do hope that she is enjoying life and that things are going well for her


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  1. It sounds like her spanking video career was just “her ‘end’ to a means”?

  2. Pretty girl…… I hope she got the education she wanted and has moved on to a new career with a kinky partner (cause you just can’t take the kink out of a girl’s soul ya know?) grinning

    • Her blog carried on for a while, after she decided to stop doing the shoots, morningstar. If I remember rightly, she was settling in nicely, in a normal job and her and her partner job moved into a new apartment. But the kink continued between just them 🙂


  3. thanks for such a nice post about Chloe. Interesting facts. Sad her blog has disappeared, and hope she is doing well in life.
    bottoms up

    • The blog disappeared a long time ago, Red. I get the feeling that she was enjoying having a private life, from what I remember. I got the impression that things went to plan, for her


  4. Prefectdt – Interesting coincidence I was working on a post about some of my favorite spanking models that seemed to have disappeared from the scene including Chloe Elise. She is a longtime favorite of mine, her pouty look is the best.


  5. Lovely Prefectdt, I can definitely she why she was/is so popular. Shame she is no longer in the scene. I hope she is doing well.

    I can also report, I showed this post to Rick last night and it insired him to develop an itchy palm 🙂


    • Last I read before she stopped blogging, Roz, her life was going the way that she planned. I hope that it continued so.

      I do hope that I can find some more material to tickle Rick’s palm 🙂


  6. She had a great laugh.


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