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How Female Wrestlers Spank

The New Thursday’s Thrasher

As you can see, I have changed the “Thursday’s Thrasher” post to an F/m GIF post. I was getting tired of looking for still images of Toppy women, so many of which seemed to be the same old formula and few of which showed any effort of imagination in their creation. Many of the images on this blog feature females on the receiving end, simply because there is a greater availability of good images, in that genre. The only area in the F/m world where there seems to be an imaginative and varied range of imagery is in the production of GIFs. So this will be the Thursday’s Thrasher post format for the foreseeable future, as it is nice to have a regular F/m feature. I wish some woman would immobilize me, like that, for a spanking πŸ™‚


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  1. They both seem to be enjoying that spanking!!! Not sure how I would react to having my head clamped between legs while being spanked…….. I think I might panic……

  2. Hi Prefectdt, interesting that it’s easier to find good F/m gifs than stills.

    Interesting spanking position too. Not sure how I would react to having my head clamped either. The caption made me giggle.


  3. That’s an interesting gif. She’s obviously enjoying herself.

    I like the new more imaginative direction. I too find repetitive, still, posed images boring GIFs are not my favorite thing either, but some are very well done as this one seems to be…..more like a mini-clip than the art GIFs where some motion is awkwardly repeated in some unnatural-looking way.

    • It is nice to see a happy spanker, KD.

      I like still images, but those aimed at the F/m fans just tend to be the same old formula, far too often. Mini clip GIFs are great. The worse GIFs are those of a series of still images. Worst of both worlds, in my opinion


  4. I have been in a similar position but in my case 1 lady held me with my head between her legs whilst another lady thrashed me.. The main thing to remember is to take your glasses off before you start or they can get a bit bent.

  5. a delightful gif that I always enjoy seeing. A happy female spanker giving a really good spanking to a man. Totally approve of F/M Thursdays!
    As I wander around tumblr, more and more spanking sites are exploding onto the scene, with archives. Seems tumblr is not checking for adult content at all anymore.
    bottoms up

    • I don’t look at Tumblr any more, Red. I just hate it as a platform. I find that a lot of images and GIFs that I find in searches have a Tumblr tag on them, though.

      I did want to guarantee one post a week would feature F/m content. There is so much stuff out there featuring women on the receiving end, it is nice to see it the other way around for a change



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