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Daily Archives: November 3, 2021


Originally known simply as “Pixie” Amber Pixie Wells made the most impact in the spanking video production world as one of the main team behind Punished Brats, both in front of the camera and in helping to produce site content

Although she appeared in the videos of many other companies, such as Firm Hand, Dallas, Good Spankings and so many more

This, I believe, helped her move from an office job, to working full time in the spanking universe

Being in front of the camera or working behind the scenes, she added an air of quality to any production

And even put together the Punished Brats School Uniforms of various descriptions

She stopped blogging a long time ago, but I used to like this blog a lot because it not only had spanking content but mixed in real life events with that

She had a well-earned reputation for being able to endure a high level of spanking play. I was a member at Punished Brats, a couple of times, and I remember seeing out takes, where some poor spanker would be nursing their sore hand while Ms Wells was OTK and saying something like “Just my luck to get old iron butt again”. No matter how hard she was spanked, she never seemed to mark much

She often used to tell of her great love of hiking in the great outdoors and getting spanked there. Even though this would not be for a video

Due to health issues and taking another direction in life, she gave up video production many years ago but is still liked and respected for what she did

She was kind enough to take part in a feature that I used to run on this blog called Kinky Island Discs. You can read her entry through the following link


Her old blog is still visible on the internet. But in its later days it became more of a promo vehicle for Punished Brats. But if you are prepared to dig in the archives, you can find more of the character of Ms Wells. You can view it through the following link


Wherever she is, I hope that life is treating her well and that fortune is with her