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Welcome to this blog’s LOL Day 16 post. Kindly organized for us by Hermione of


What Do I Love About My Particular Spanko Lifestyle

Well, I look around at other kinksters on the ‘net and see couples having regular play times and scene players, playing more in a year than I probably will in my whole life. And there is me, feeling lucky if I get 7 or 8 playtimes in a whole year. You might think that I would be envious of these people and you would be right. But my lifestyle has one thing that many people miss out on


So play the music and I will tell you about it

Every time that I set out to play, it is always different. Never the same old, same old. Never just another day at the kinky office. Half the time I am not even sure what is going to happen or who with. There are always so many questions going through my mind……..

What kind of Top will I be playing with?

Someone calm and calculating?

Image found at


Or someone a bit more wild and spicy?

Will I be?

Hand spanked OTK?



Or experience a new type of toy?

Where will we play?

Somewhere posh?

Or somewhere a bit more down at heel?

Or will I get chased by a giant stone ball?

(Can I safeword, on that last one? 🙂 )

So what is different about your kinky lifestyle, than most peoples?

Tell me in the comments below

And don’t forget your Fedora

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32 responses

  1. Great post Prefectdt, love it! Happy LoL day 🙂


  2. I agree with you that variety is the spice of life especially when it comes to kink. I have been visiting my Mistress for over 20 years but a session can range from the relatively gentle schoolroom type punishment to full on bondage and whips and some practices which I would never have dreamed of when I started out in CP etc. In addition to my (until Covid) regular visits to her I have, since I retired, attended a number of different FemDom parties and also have rediscovered the pleasures of giving a spanking rather than receiving one. In fact I have just worked out that in the last 6 years I have spanked and caned 26 lovely ladies and been punished by 20 equally wonderful ladies (14 ladies are in both groups). I sometimes wish I could have been in a long term relationship with a spanker/spankee but that was not to be sadly but I can honestly say I love our lifestyle and have done for over 40 years.

  3. I love Indiana Jones. AND I love hats. And that whip always gave me ideas about being bound and um.. ok I’m gonna stop there.

    loved this post! Happy LOL Day to you!

  4. Love this post Prefectdt!! Adventures eh?? enjoy the unknown eh??? (grinning) I love your philosophy!!!
    You do realize now I am going to picture you in an Indiana Jones fedora right?? LOL

    Happy LOL day my friend

  5. Hi Prefectdt,

    I knew you would come up with something special for today. Bravo! Your life does sound exciting. Mine is quite dull and routine by comparison, but I am totally grateful that spankings are regular and plentiful.


  6. Fun post. I like when you write something about yourself. As for that “times per year” thing? With the way life intrudes, even with Rosa as a willing or even eager partner, our numbers aren’t that much higher than yours! LOL

    • That is only in a good year, KD. Since the star of the pandemic, I have only had five play meetings. People are a bit weary of getting close up and personal right now, it’s understandable. It must be nice having Rosa in the house


  7. Happy Lol.
    I often stop by but this is my first comment.
    you always have unique and interesting posts…..and some truly wonderful spanked bottoms!

  8. Pref hi, your adventures, love it. Enjoyed your post and pictures. I thought the same as Morningstar – picturing you in a fedora:)

  9. Prefectdt — happy, happy LOL day to you! 🙂

  10. Happy LOL day Prefectdt. Thanks for your efforts. Loved the Wild and Spicy…

  11. Love our Lifestyle ! Thank you Prefectdt !

  12. Hi Prefectdt,

    Thank you for sharing your lifestyle and why you love it. Happy LoL Day!


  13. Happy LOL Day! My spanker lives here with me and you’ve definitely been spanked more than I have this year. We gotta get it together over here! Enjoyed reading about your adventures. I love wearing hats….. the baseball/golf/fishing kind. Your hat is cool! Hugs, Windy

  14. Good post, Prefectdt! Keep up the good work.

  15. Great Post! Almost always enjoyable to imagine partaking in the spanking scene. Hope lots of people drop by. Even better is I know you as a friend
    bottoms up

    • Thanks Red. Sorry that I have not had chance to reply to your email, I have been doing a bit of research about that, but times been tight recently. I hope that lots of your old readership catches up with you with the LOL Day event


  16. Prefectdt – Happy LOL Day! Great Adventure post complete with soundtrack. Well done.

    I like your LOL question “What is different about your kinky lifestyle, than most peoples?” I unfortunately do not have an answer at the moment, but will ponder it.


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