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Daily Archives: November 24, 2021


Welcome to another in this series of posts. Spankos very often practice their art in a domestic situation, utilizing various locations in their homes and often their everyday furniture as spanking benches or supports. In this edition of this image based exploration of spanking domesticity, let us take a look at……

The Bathroom – Part One

I found so many images and GIFs for this room that it will come in two posts. The follow-up on Friday 26th of November

And from the amount of material that I found for this room, it is obviously a popular place to get spanked in. Every house has a bathroom (I hope), and the question must be asked. Is there a better place to hear the ouches and screams echo off the tiles? And as the GIF above illustrates, it is where you will find the bath brushes

Alternative Uses For The Throne

The bathroom always has a handy seat available for OTK play

Private Playroom

This is the one room in any house that will always have a lock or a bolt on the door. Perfect, if you do not want any of the other dinner party guests disturbing you

Corner Time

Some baths look like they were designed to provide a space for post spanking reflections

Increase The Pain Level

As all of us who know can tell you, spanks on a wet bottom, freshly hauled out of the bath, hurt a lot more than they do on a dry posterior

Take A Good Look

Nearly all bathrooms have a large mirror. A spankee can be made to look at the contortions the spanking is making their face go through. And it is also useful for a spankee that wants to examine the state of their rear end, after the spanking

BDSMers Too

With plenty of hooks and wracks around, this room is great for those that want to indulge in more mainstream BDSM activities

But I think that I will safeword on that last one

When Alone

This room provides an opportunity for Brats, like me, to indulge in a little art work 🙂

Part two on Friday 26th November