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The Blog Calendar For December

Once more, the year has rolled around and it is time to get jolly again. And with the two years that we have had, some jolly would be jolly welcome. I got a bit tired of all those pictures of someone in a Santa suit spanking someone on the naughty list and thought that this illustration would be better for brightening up the Yuletide period. I wonder what his plans are, for that Champagne bottle? 🙂

Bad Advice Revisited

I was looking through some archives of this blog and stumbled upon a post from 10 years ago, that I had totally forgotten about. Reading it tickled me pink, so I thought that I would let you viewers have another chance to have a look at it

The Bad Advice

An experienced older woman is telling a teenage lad how best to go and chat up a girl, that he does not know, in a pub (that’s a bar for you lot across the Atlantic) and tells him something along the line of “Just walk up to her, start talking and be totally honest.”. This had me in fits of laughter because I thought of the reaction of a lass, to myself at 18 or 19 being TOTALLY HONEST during a chat up attempt. The reaction?

She would have had an expression something like this

Because honest me would have been saying this……

“Hi. I’ve been eying you up from over there and have found that the combination of the way that your face, bottom, legs and other physical attributes are so pleasing to me, they make me want to insert my erect penis into your vagina and/or any other bodily orifice that you possess and might be willing to make available for my use. So firstly, I would like to ascertain whether or not you already have a partner, or at least if that partner is capable of significantly causing me great physical harm. If you do not have such a partner, would you like to join me in partaking in the consumption of alcoholic beverages to the point where 1/ you might be more willing to accept my advances on your person and 2/ I have built up enough Dutch courage to make such an advance on your good self.”

And I don’t think that many other 18 or 19-year-old lads would have been saying anything different, if they were being TOTALLY HONEST, that is 🙂

All in all it is one of the worst bits of advice that I have ever heard handed out, unless the woman was deliberately trying to get the lad spanked


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  1. As I’ve said for decades………….when someone says “be yourself” what they mean is: “be yourself as long as it is exactly what I expect you to be”. (I think this is similar for “be honest”, as I think it’s not a recipe for success as much as it is some Hallmark notion of what people want.)

    • Pretty much KD. When I hear advice like this, I tend to find that it is given by someone who has no real knowledge of what they are saying and just want to massage their own ego by looking “All Knowing”


  2. A very different festive calendar pic Prefectdt lol. LoL at the advice. They do say honesty is the best policy…but not always lol


  3. I totally enjoyed your Yule pic Prefectdt……. and do tell what IS he going to do with the bottle of champagne?? LOL

    as for the advice – it made me smile – and think about when I was on dating sites a few years back – older men wanted the same thing………. even when they “honestly’ said they wanted a relationship …

    • Some guys just never get over it, morningstar:). Personally, now, I just tend to see the sex part as a fun activity between two consenting adults. But when I was younger, it was all that seemed to be worth existing for, except for getting spanked that is 🙂


  4. A fun story about being honest. As we age, we learn to speak as KD said, some of the time. Some of the time we avoid topics for the good of everyone (no politics/ religion/ ….) at the table (That list becomes longer and longer
    To be honest, the picture of that beautiful woman with a perfect open mouth does lead a man to think of how wonderful it could be for Oral …..
    bottoms up

  5. HAHHAHAHA actually, if a lad (or adult) comes up to me and says just that in the exact manner in which you wrote it, I actually might just be impressed enough to take him up on his salacious invitation. As it is i’m rolling my eyeballs half the time at the lack of the general person’s ability to string together a coherent sentence. It annoys me because our official language (business / schools etc) is English, and aside from a second language everything is taught in English. So why can’t people speak English properly? I suppose that it’s a consequence of coming from a multi-cultural society where embracing one’s roots and traditions are considered prized and valued things – too many of my countrymen and women think that people who speak proper English here are too “Westernised” and posh and are even possibly “ashamed of their roots”. OK. i’m sorry. I just went on a rant there. lol.

    um, what I mean to say was… er, cute pic… ?

    • I think if you heard some of the regional accents, from the UK, Fondles (one of which, I speak with) I think that you might say that of British people too 🙂

      Yes it is a cute pic 🙂


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