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  1. Don’t move? Yeah right! LoL. She’s really swinging that cane, and by the look on her face I think he’s pissed her off lol


  2. shuddering
    I’m not a fan of her style………..and am very glad I’m not on the receiving end ………..

  3. I imagine if he did what she said?… The only thing he could ‘count’ on, would be her doing it even harder!

  4. I would find her demeanor more intimidating were she not dressed as she is. It’s hard for me to take such an approach as anything more than performance for a price when the disciplinarian is clearly dressed for erotic appeal. That said, given her “enthusiasm”, SOMEONE is getting their money’s worth. LOL

  5. 20 years ago, I was not a big fan, except when she used a hairbrush, not the cane. I felt no empathy with her or her victim. The clothing didn’t help, far too … professional.
    Today, I feel the same, but now, I understand why, and I’m lucky enough to have found the “real thing”, my better half.
    Thanks for the reminder Prefectdt !


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