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Just ask Dasher and Dancer here 🙂

A lot of kink seems to revolve around reindeer at this time of year

You can tell by the amount of pony girls who suddenly sprout horns in December

But mostly, the kinky Christmas reindeer and reindeer girls tend to be represented in illustrations

There is a lot of kinky reindeer humour out there too

Have you heard about Henry the brown nosed reindeer? – He could fly as fast as the other reindeer, but he was not as good at stopping


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  1. LoL Prefectdt, the first one is clever. Henry lpl


  2. love all of ’em Prefectdt..

    Sir Steve was telling the lil one this weekend that all Santa’s reindeer are female cause the male deer lose their antlers in winter…….. so it’s not really surprising that all your reindeer are portrayed as women LOL

  3. i like the last one! They were all good but i’m just not a fan of the reindeer-girl i guess 🙂

  4. I liked the last one best, but I have to remember to send you something later.

  5. Fun post, but for a man who wants to be disciplined, not do the disciplining, seems like we need to find one where the woman is in charge.
    bottoms up

  6. Prefectdt – This isn’t really my thing, but with that as a preface,
    (1) the first photograph is fascinating in the similar lines of their antlers and outfits and
    (2) something about the first illustration – the “Happy Holidays” one that looks like a postcard – is just too… for lack of better words, oddly scary for my taste.

    • The first photograph illustrates what good photography is about Enzo. Especially as it is not your kind of thing, but still interests you.

      That illustration is from a Christmas card. I think that it can be purchased on Etsy. If you find that freaky, don’t watch the second video that I am going to post on Christmas Eve. 🙂



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