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At The Top Of My Christmas List

Long time readers of this blog might remember that I have an envious eye, for female, submissive spanko counterparts of myself. I am not trans and do not desire to be a woman or anything like that. But there is a feeling that female submissives have things a bit better than us blokes on the receiving end. Which is just, probably a case of “The other sub’s ass is always redder”. But one thing that gets my little green-eyed monster to wake up, is the wonderful wobbliness of the female posterior.

See what I mean. Male behinds never react like that. Even girls with a skinnier caboose can produce a marvellous motion.

The male back side cannot compete with that. Especially during a spanking.

Oh! How wonderful it would be to know that the person spanking me had such a visual cornucopia to view. A woman’s buns are so much more fun to play with, too.

The next spanking would not be nearly so much fun with a boy bum.

Even the lightest tap can reveal riotous ripples

Now I have some letters to write

Dear Father Christmas,

Please, can I have a girl’s behind, to replace my boring boy bottom. I have been a good boy this year.

Signed Prefectdt

Dear Mrs Christmas,

If Father Christmas gives me what I asked for, from him this year, can you help me to test it out. I have been a very bad boy this year.

Signed Prefectdt

Fingers crossed 🙂


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  1. LoL Prefectdt, well, I guess we’ll see if Mr and Mrs Claus received your letters 🙂


  2. I never thought about that – the difference between a male bum and a female bum. Funny thing is – I HATE that my ass ripples!! and I work hard on those muscles!! You have given me a new perspective…….. mmmmmmmm… maybe I should ask Sir Steve what he thinks about rippley bums!

  3. Like the Big Bopper said Prefectdt… a ‘wiggle in her walk’ makes the World go ’round!

  4. Loved reading your letters to the Clauses…hoping your Christmas wish comes true! At least the part about finding a willing female to give you a good spanking. Happy holidays! XOXO

  5. My endocrinology professor would emphasize that hormonal influences during female
    adolescent sexual maturation cause “centripetal fat deposition,” thereby resulting
    in one of the most pleasing sights for a growing boy to see: a glorious set of womanly
    jigglecheeks. My developmental anatomy professor also made similar references by recognizing the outcome of the same female maturation process: “Your gluteus is beauteous!”

    I continue to maintain that if present-day yoga pants were available decades ago when I was first learning to drive, I’d have wrapped my car around a tree or telephone pole in short order.
    Johnny Tillotson had it right in 1960: “Poetry in Motion!”, indeed!

    • That was well sourced and constructed, JJ. What a good quality comment. 🙂

      Yoga pants do cause a lot of drivers to slow down, that might redress the accident danger ratio, a little. 🙂


  6. This was such a fun post. Thanks for those wobblies. And yes, BIKSS enjoys looking at my bum wobble.. altho since i’ve lost the weight he’s grumbled that my behind wobbles less!

  7. delightful gifs. thanks for such a great post
    bottoms up


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