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Within the 12 days of Christmas, there is one day that I celebrate every year. The date varies a little from year to year, but it is always marked with the same tradition. This is that day, the first day back to work after the Christmas break. I call it…


After more than a week of getting up when I want, suddenly the alarm goes off at ridiculously dark ‘O’ clock in the morning. That gets the first scream…

This day also marks the end of my Christmas dieting amnesty. So it is out of the warm bed and straight onto the cold weight scales, that have not been used in days and days of lovely foody treats and…

More screaming. Then it is time for morning coffee and find that the relaxing first hour of the day has turned into a ten-minute speed glug of caffeine. And more screaming…

Then it is a rush to find all the things that I need for work and should have put ready the night before, but didn’t. Which results in more screaming…

Then it is out into the dark morning. Realizing, that after all those days when I could snuggle up warm inside, safe from the weather, that I would be spending the rest of the day out in the cold/rain/snow/hail/wind/fourhorsemenoftheapocolipse, or whatever else the world decided to throw at me and there is more screaming…

Now it is time to battle the traffic and make it on time to work, whilst every other driver on the road has either engaged dawdle mode or idiot at the wheel mode. Result more screaming…

And I think that you have got the gist of how I celebrate this day every year. And yes, the screaming goes on all day. Although it might happen on another date, one can’t but help suspect that many others also celebrate screaming day.


At least the screamers in this post are better looking than me, on Screaming Day. 🙂


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  1. Ah Prefectdt, screaming day, that’s a great way to describe it, I love it and commiserate.

    This year the first day back will definitely be screaming day for me. After 4 months working from home on the covid response it will be back to the office and old job soon for me. Back to wearing skirts and proper shoes etc and battling public transport. Argh!


  2. Ah, and don’t forget turning on the news.

    (And I really like the first one.)

    • I can tell you what the news is without even looking KD, It will basically be saying the same thing as it has for my whole life, something like, “Doomed, We’re all doomed” 🙂


  3. LOL screaming day indeed!! I am going to share this post with Sir Steve. He has been off since the 22nd of Dec and doesn’t head back until this Thursday!! You might just hear his screams then – way over there……..

    I was thinking that you wouldn’t work during the winter months? ahhhh well wrong again 🙂

    • I am sure those screams will be loud and clear, morningstar. 🙂

      Winter is when most of the heavy work happens. Tree work, shrub and tree planting, land forming, the list goes on and on. On top of that we have all the weather related work thrown in, snow clearing, storm damage, flood damage, ETC. ETC. Why do people think that there is nothing to do in the winter? Most days in the winter, I come home totally bone weary. It is the time of the heaviest and hardest work, for me.


      • that’s really interesting Prefectdt – here when winter arrives the ‘gardeners’ (for lack of a better term) disappear. I always thought they hibernated. they go on Employment Benefits for the winter months – usually Dec – March. We have a separate crew for snow related work.

        BTW I did read your blog to Sir Steve – he was thoroughly amused 🙂

        • Wow, morningstar. That has thrown two questions into my mind.

          1/ I presume that there are plenty of trees by roads, in Canada and that the winter weather can make some of these trees end up on said roads. So my question is, are the trees just left there until the LBI staff return in March?

          2/ What do the snow clearing staff do in summer?

          It was a bit of a shock to find out that Canadian Pro Gardeners and hands on Hortics, do not work in the winter. I have never heard of this happening anywhere else.

          Glad Sir Steve enjoyed the post.


  4. Prefectdt, you are SOOO clever and witty. What a creative way to describe “back to work/school/whatever.

    I dreamed last night that things were back to normal, not a mask in sight and friends socially gathered. Then I awoke to reality and silently screamed.



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