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OOH! Spanking is so titillating – until you do it properly. Most vanilla folk like the idea, but when it comes to actually giving it a go, you can tell that they are not spankos. As these videos illustrate.

Call That A Spank

Some Streamers have a go at spanking. Cheap toys, no idea what they are doing and not really into the pain of it all. This barely counts as a patting, let alone a spanking, which is probably for the best, as they have not got a clue.

This One Is Fun

Obviously not real spankos, but at least they are making the effort. I would kind of like to have a go at this game with another, genuine spanko. After a few drinks, it looks like it might be fun.


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  1. LoL Prefectdt, hardly spanks, especially in the first one lol. The second one looks like a fun game.


  2. >dramatic voice-over< "When vanillas spank……………………………..
    NO ONE gets hurt."

    —————but that's OK, those animal ears and hair color were painful enough. 😉

  3. I found the first one cute – I sorta imagined them getting slightly aroused at the notion and feeling wicked at the thought of being spanked

    Truthfully the 2nd left me cold


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