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I thought that I would post some musically related spanking GIFs, to help kick off the weekend. Helped by a little spanking related music, just to get you in the mood, as you peruse the GIFs. This is an oldie, I and many others have posted it before, but I have not seen it around for a while.

Hear My Name By Armand Van Helden

Put the heat in the seat by spanking to the beat 🙂


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  1. Thanks Prefect. It may have been an oldie but I haven’t seen it before. I think that some of the recipients were really enjoying the making of this video. I’d certainly be available for a 2022 remix!

  2. Brought back some memories – oh not the video never saw it before (any of them) but the choosing music to spank by…… I used to have quite a selection. hadn’t thought about spanking music in a long long time……

  3. This gave me a laugh…thanks, Prefectdt 🙂 XOXO

  4. I hadn’t seen that clip before, these were fun Prefectdt, thank you 🙂


  5. Loved the video. I had never seen it before, You must have a pay for WordPress website, as mine does not permit me to publish videos.
    I am certain you would join me in that line if they were asking for unpaid volunteers. However, for the ladies, some of the men should have been with their pants down.
    bottoms up

    • No Red, I use the free version of WordPress. I think that you will find that you can publish videos, but I can only find how to publish YouTube videos. Other platforms don’t seem to work for me.

      I think that clothing stayed on so that MTV could use the video before it was time for the young to go to bed. 🙂



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