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This Is The Cage I Have Now

I have had this little beasty, for more time than I would care to remember. When I got it, it was a pricey, high-end model. You can pick up ones like this pretty cheap now. Although it is still a good, sturdy piece of kit that does the job well. I am not into chastity and denial and except for one occasion, have never worn this for more than a few hours. But in the past it has helped me get play dates with fellow amateurs, which might not have happened otherwise. Having met a potential playmate only a few times, often they can feel a bit nervous about going somewhere private with someone they do not know well enough to trust yet. Throwing this into the mix and the other party knowing that I am rendered harmless to them, indeed reliant on them, to release me has been a deal maker.

So What Is The Problem?

A small problem, is that the pins marked A, in the photo, fit into the sockets marked B. These can be very painful skin pinchers and are difficult to line up. The big problem, though, is that the ring, C, is fixed. I am pretty average in the porcelain pointer department, but my two veg are a little larger than normal. The fixed ring, on this, is 50 mm and is the largest available for this model. It has always been a struggle getting it on, but trying it recently, after not using this for some years, It was somewhat painful to get things to fit (I am sure they are getting bigger, as I age) and it is not hard to imagine that this might be a problem in a pressure on situation. The good feature, that I would like to keep the same, is the small padlock, marked D. These are easily available and some women like to bring their own, to make sure that I do not have a spare key.

The Solutions

I want to get a model with a hinged ring, similar to the ones above, but with no pins and sockets.

This Is The One That I Am Considering

A shop, not too far away from me, is selling this model. It has a hinged ring, no pins and sockets and is considerable lighter, than the one I have now. The weight of my current cage can be an issue, after a couple of hours. I really like the way that this looks, too.

I have only ever owned one Cock Cage, in my life. So if anyone with more experience than me has an opinion on the model above, or recommendations for something else, I would gladly like to hear what you have to say.

All advice welcome


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  1. Oh, i have NO experience. But that one you’re considering does have a lovely shape to it!

  2. I don’t know much about these things Prefectdt… but don’t they have any models that look like puppies? Girls can’t resist playing with puppies, right? Just sayin’ 😉

  3. I’m guessing you’re not really expecting to many helpful comments from us females (cheeky grin BUT I will say I really like the looks of the one you’re contemplating……..

  4. I have experience with chastity and with cages, but no experience with the metal styles. The plastic/polymer ones seem to be the go-to choice for most looking for long term wear. My advice would be to visit a chastity site. (There used to be a lot. I don’t know if they are still around?) Tech-talk on cages is rampant and you’ll get a lot of information. I think “chastity lifestyle” might still be around. I used to participate there a lot years and years ago.

    I have often contemplated a metal model myself, but ……..well, there are other things to spend money on for me and my current cage works fine and over the years has seen less and less use anyway. Good luck.

    • I have looked around the internet a lot, KD. And there is a lot of good advice out there, but it is mostly aimed at long term users. If I was one of those, I think I would be looking for a light, polymer one, that is less noticeable, under clothing. My use of these is mostly aimed at reassuring a play partner, who is not overly familiar with me, that I do not have alternative intentions and that they are not under threat from me. Sturdy metal does seem to help with that. Thanks for the input.


      • No problem. I read why you use one and when, and honestly I guess it must be a psychological thing for these ladies, because in all honesty and in reality, I don’t see how the presence of a metal cage is any guarantee of anything from a stranger. I would think the chief concern is some guy forcing themselves on them, and 1: that can still happen with a cage, and 2: once someone had taken that step, what would stop them from also taking back the key and unlocking themselves? But, hey….whatever works…..right?

        • I think it is a psychological thing, on two fronts, KD. You have to remember that whenever you talk to a woman, especially one that you don’t know too well, you are always talking to someone who has been a lifelong victim of the patriarchy, who has had many men bullshit them and they have no way of knowing that you are not one of them. Offering to make a physical gesture holds more currency, to a lot of women, than just “Jaw, Jaw”.

          The second thing is curiosity. Although I have only had one woman openly admit it, most women never have the opportunity to see a guy wearing one of these devices, in real life. And I suspect that having the chance to do so, did tip the decision-making process, at least for some of them.


  5. I have no experience with this either. However a fellow blogger who is a submissive husband swears by the jail bird cage for ease of use, comfort etc.


  6. no idea whatsoever. I toyed with the idea in my mind, but I have too much breadth where the ring would go, almost all the time. Only rarely is the sac loose enough to get a rubber ring into position, and worry about metal if things got difficult. Not a reason to go to emergency ever, specially during current times. I do like some of the captions on some sites about chastity. Food for the imagination
    bottoms up


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