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Don’t Argue With Audrey


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  1. It’s interesting his ass is red – very red – yet her hand isn’t even pink………..
    BUT I have to admit I do like that you find pictures that are ‘real’ spankings not just posed (can’t think of the right term – hopefully you know what I mean)

    • I suspect that this is a posed shot, morningstar, but as can be seen, a genuine spanking has taken place.

      Hardest hand spankings that I have ever received were twice from Femke Vandendijk. On both occasions, I saw her hand afterwards and there was no evidence of the pain that she had inflicted on me (which was a lot). I suppose that hands that are used a lot for spanking, build up some kind of resilience.


  2. Audrey was always one of my favorite spankin’ ladies. Gives as good as she gets which for me as a Switch is of course… as good as it gets. 🙂

  3. Love everything about Audrey, except if she were spanking me for REAL, because her truly Real spankings are frightening. She was also the spankee for some Dallas spanks hard, that i found far too extreme.
    bottoms up

  4. I would be curious if her hand would work as well on me. I’d certainly be willing to experiment. LOL

  5. That little lady delivers one heck of a spanking! That bottom is red and hot! XOXO

  6. Lovely shot Prefectdt, love the outfit and wow, I agree with the others on the state of his bottom!



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