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Daily Archives: January 24, 2022


A Little Matter Of Levelling Up

This post was inspired by an image that was posted in the last “Spec”tacular spanking post, on this blog. This image, to be precise.

I noticed that to get her spankee to an acceptable height to be spanked OTK, in this situation, she had utilized a case, to put under her feet. This looked like a very sensible idea to me. It is always better if a spankee is at a convenient height for the spanker to deliver the punishment properly. This is especially true with caning.

Personally, I prefer the sensation of a caning that results in stripes that look like this

To a caning where the stripes are applied diagonally, like this

The spankees rear end being at a relevant height to the spanker is a great aid to achieving this. As can be seen in this GIF.

It does not help that some spanking furniture seems to be designed to be too low. Such as this spanking bench.

I did notice in the old Lupus Films videos, that the producers had noticed this themselves and had adapted the famous spanking bench, from their Principal’s office series.

From this

To this

Making life more comfortable for their performers, although not less painful 🙂

It is always useful to be adaptable in a spanking situation. There are plenty of easy solutions to getting the spankee to the right height. As shown in the next two images.

The above image came from


And if funds are available to supply a dedicated spanking bench, plenty are available at appropriate heights. Like this one.

Remember spankers, your bottom, or sub will always feel you are more skilled, if you make the effort to keep things, horizontal and even. Whatever you are spanking them with.

Please feel free to add any important points, that I have missed on the topic of relative spanker to spankee heights, in the comments section below.