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Gotta Love A Good Single Tail


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  1. Ooh ouch, I don’t know how he’s not reacting.


    • The gaffer (duct) tape securing him to that ladder might have something to do with it, Roz. 🙂 I have always found that a good, short single tail whip, although potentially being very painful, does give me the type of pain that is easily controlled. Perhaps it is the same for this guy.


  2. mmmmmmmmm I love me a whip!! though watching her I’m not too impressed with her style…..

    • That has me thinking, morningstar. I cannot recall a time, when being on the receiving end of a single tail, when I have been able to see what the other protagonist is doing. So I have no personal experience of what kind of delivery is a good one, with a single tail.


      • I have watched many a whipping scene – and there was just something about this that felt wrong……. I thought maybe it was the quality of the GIF – but tonite I showed Sir Steve and asked him about the way she’s doing it… and he got the same feeling – she looks awkward – kinda like she is trying to use the whip the same way as a flogger??? not sure ……. BUT nevertheless it was nice to see a whip being used… 🙂

        • The times that I have been on the receiving end of a short tail, it has been laying horizontally, face down being whipped on the buttocks and/or shoulders. Whilst the whipper stood to one side of me. Like I said before, I could not see what was happening, but it did feel more like laid on stripes, than swiped across, as in this GIF. I think that I am going to go hunting for some videos, made with a short, single tail.


  3. I don’t think it’s the tape, I think he’s dead. Rigor mortis is the only reason his head isn’t flopped forward. 😉

    I am not a fan of whips as few amateur Tops have the skill needed to not have them wrap annoyingly, and I don’t visit pros. Still, with whips not being my thing and him dead, I must admit I am absolutely captivated by her body. Good lord, but she’s gorgeous! Like jaw-dropping.

    • I’m starting to think that it is the norm, in your part of the woods, KD, to pop down to the local morgue to recruit performers for kinky videos. 🙂

      I have only experienced short tales in the hands of experienced professionals, as they seem to be the only people that can justify the expense of a quality, short tail whip. I looked into buying one, back in the early 2000s, and even then, to get one of a decent quality, you would have been spending over 300 Euros. And there is no way I would let anyone lose on my hide, with the poor quality products that you got for less than that. So I agree, better left to experienced professionals.

      And yes, she is hot.


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