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This Is My Ideal Spanking Machine

During the past weekend, Hermione hosted a brunch, part of which asked about spanking machines. You can view the post through the link below.


Coincidentally, on Sunday I posted an image that featured a spanking machine, in this post.


morningstar, from


Speculated that I might be expanding on a theme from Hermione’s blog. I was not, it was just a happy accident. But in the old days, it was normal for bloggers to expand on a theme, from another blog. This was good fun and added to the community spirit. So today, I thought it would be nice to try and revive that tradition, by taking a look at the spanking machine that impresses me the most.

The Spanking Server/Pain 4 Fem Spanking Machine

This machine is a very effective and impressive administrator of a spanking. One thing that it has over many other spanking machines, is that it can, automatically (I presume) change the location where it lands a strike. Covering an area, rather than hitting the same place, over and over again.

As is illustrated in this image

It can also deliver at a notable strength of stroke

And is capable of delivering these strikes with a variety of implements

GIFs of this machine spanking bottoms did not present themselves, but GIFs of this machine delivering breast whippings are available. So you can see it in action.

It does seem to be a most effective device

I suspect that it is based on an automatic, clay pigeon thrower

And seems to be controlled by computer

It does seem to get a strong reaction from the recipient

This makes me think that this is the machine that I would like to be spanked by. I wonder if anyone has published plans, on how to build your own. 🙂


Note – This is a not for profit blog. No financial or other rewards were sought or given for featuring Pain 4 Fem/Spanking Server images or products, in this post.

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  1. Always used to love when bloggers picked up themes from others and kept the conversation going.

    Wow, this looks like one serious machine!


  2. I’m really feeling conflicted about these spanking machines…. this one that you showed today made me think ‘ahhh ok it hits with a good whallop’ but then you said it was controlled by a computer and there are folks sitting at a computer to illustrate – GAH! if someone is there controlling the machine – why use the machine?? I was thinking in terms of solo spankings
    When the intensity picks up – IF I am controlling the machine my fear would be I would simply walk away……. what’s the machine going to do?? (cheeky grin) However I don’t walk away from Sir Steve!! and he can get me over that edge to bliss…….. not sure I could do that myself.

    (mind you – I do get myself over the edge with using vibrators………… so??? See ! I AM conflicted)

    • In the clip that I saw, morningstar, it was turned on by the computer and then left to do its own thing. If what I suspect is true, that it is based on an automatic Clay Pigeon thrower, it probably does not need the computer in real life. You don’t often see a Clay Pigeon shooter wandering out to the mark, with a Twelve Bore under one arm and a laptop under the other. 🙂


  3. The first time I saw a “spanking machine” was in the mid-60’s and I was just a kid…..a little kid at that! It was in the Disney version of the Three Little Pigs and the images can still be easily found online today. I was fascinated then, and I still am.

    A spanking machine is an implement, plain and simple. How it is utilized, by whom, with what conditions, are all as varied as the imaginations of the people who do TTWD. The more narrow one’s field of enjoyment, the more narrow the appreciation of whatever twist is introduced.

    As I mentioned at Hermione’s, I wrote two stories that feature a machine, and both are very different. In each piece, the use of a machine makes perfect sense for the context of its application. If so inclined, I am sure I could write others with even more varied reasons and types of situations. And as you might recall, I made a pegging machine a while back as well. Its use also has an appeal within certain contexts.

    Today, with more sophisticated robotics and voice recognition technology, I am sure that if money was no object, a truly amazing machine could be designed. The obvious limitation on that achievement is affordability.

    • I have got a feeling, KD, that machines like you described, at an affordable price, will be available, in the foreseeable future. It is just a matter of someone with the know-how and the business nonce to find a profitable market.


  4. Now that is a spanking machine! Ouchie!!!

  5. Makes me feel a tad dumb to not think they would have machines like these, seeing that most things are built by robotics. Those cane strokes creating such perfect lines and such intense pain must be amazing to experience. However, if you are immobilized, someone would have to be in the room to be able to turn the machine off if a problem arises.
    Great research and photos.
    bottoms up

  6. Midwest Reader

    That is the one I was thinking of when I saw Hermione’s brunch topic! I have seen videos of it using a thin leather strip on the bottom/upper legs and the vertical positioning is amazing. Generally I prefer to be spanked OTK by hand but I would be willing to try this one with that leather strip.


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