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Top Of The Click Pops For January 2022

It’s time to see what the top ten most popular images were on this blog in the past month

The link to the original post is in the title of the image

So Play The Music

Number 10 with 43 clicks

Number 9 with 45 clicks

Number 8 with 46 clicks

Number 7 with 48 clicks

Number 6 with 49 clicks

Number 5 with 52 clicks

Number 4 with 53 clicks

Number 3 with 66 clicks

Number 2 with 72 clicks

Number 1 for January 2022 with 84 clicks

Remember, you can vote for any picture at any time, on this blog, by simply clicking on it, to see it full size or right-clicking it and opening it in a new tab. Or taping on it on your smartphone. The only pictures excluded from this are one’s in “Top Of The Click Pops” posts, but even these you can get a counted click, if you click on them from their original post.


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  1. Great selection Prefectdt, love all of these but my favourites are No’s 10, 7 and 6.


  2. Interesting the #1 pick – wonder if it was her defiant look that drew the attention….

    On another note – how did you first 2 days at work go?? not too much pain I hope

    • It turns out, without my knowledge when posting it, that number one is a well known photoshopped picture, morningstar. It might have been people in the know, checking out the image to see if it was what they thought it was, that got it its numbers.

      Thanks for asking. The first two days went OK, with the help of some painkillers. Today (day three) I managed without the painkillers, so I think things are going well.


  3. If you put a gun to my head I could not have picked the correct order. LOL I will never understand what the majority of people like. 😉

    • I would not say that it is a totally accurate depiction of what people are clicking on, on this blog, KD. I have noticed that pictures posted at the beginning of a month and towards the end of a month have a disadvantage over those posted in the middle of a month. So this chart can only ever be considered as a rough guideline as to what people are choosing.



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