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This kink definitely falls under the BDSM banner. But it is one that I suspect most of us have never tried.

If you want to get into martial arts, but don’t like hitting people, this is one method, that the more pacifistic of us could use to join in.

Most of the material, that I found, seemed to be F/m orientated. But other variations seem to be available too.

The severity, of this play is highly varied and ranges from “OMG” to pretty symbolic play.

It does seem to appeal to all sexual orientations.

Sometimes it seems specific to certain and various, areas of the human body.

For the more serious players, good training and the ability to tense muscles, for protection, is a must.

And it does seem to be popular with kick boxers too.

In Conclusion

At it’s harshest levels, this is a kink that should only be practised by the very well-trained and experienced. At gentler levels, it should be available to all that want to give it a go.

Would I do it? From most of what I have seen, that would be a big fat NO. But if the dominant were to only target my buttocks, I could imagine myself, dangling by my wrists, on a rope, getting a jolly good ass whupping. Might be fun. You never know until you try it. But as for having my face, torso or genitalia assaulted in this way, that would bring on a good firm SAFE WORD!


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  1. Good job showcasing a kink I don’t share but am well aware of. There’s a lot of possibility out there.

    • Originally, KD, I was going to do the whole BDSM boxing thing, but there was so much stuff on the ‘net, I decided to narrow it down to human punch bags. It is surprising how big this area of BDSM is.


  2. Hmm, interesting kink Prefectdt. That would be a firm No from me though.


  3. Interesting choice today Prefectdt! I had a friend in Montreal who was VERY into boxing/hitting – giving not receiving. She tried to talk me into being on the receiving end but I declined. It just looked too violent for me.

    The one gif you put up that me cringe is #7 – the babe in the red bikini – WOW ! it is really beyond my comprehension.

    • Being punched in the stomach puts me off, morningstar. I think that you have to have the proper abdominal training for that.

      There were lots of GIFs like that one available, featuring different women in different places. I was, surprisingly, spoilt for choice, when it came to illustrating that particular type of play.


  4. I’ve only tried it once, at a fem dom party with 3 Mistresses one of whom suspended me like a punch bag and went to town on my stomach and then my balls. I was gagged and really not enjoying it but as she had gone to so much effort and time to tie me up and suspend me it seemed churlish to complain. Fortunately one of the other Mistresses knew my tastes better and noticed that I was in considerable distress and stopped her colleague from inflicting further damage. It’s not something I will be doing again that’s for certain.

  5. definitely not my kink
    bottoms up

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