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A Great Place To Get Hot Buns

Spring has definitely sprung in Belgium and temperatures are climbing. That got the imagination wandering onto the subject of swimming pool spankings. How else are you meant to fill in those tan lines?

And is there a better place, on a warm sunny day, to enjoy getting a spanking?

It is also a good place to cooldown those burning cheeks, post play.

If you are nervous about taking that first plunge, a little encouragement from a cane might help.

If you prefer to get a bit more BDSMy, floating bondage could be fun.

Just before he got spanked

And just before she got spanked

Happy bottoms can be soggy and sore 🙂


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  1. Love these Prefectdt. Autumn is kicking in here:( we have the remnants of a cyclone across the country at the moment causing havoc in some areas.


  2. just a little memory……. based on the BDSMer picture….
    a few years ago when I was at a BDSM camp….. my dom at the time did a massive tie on me in hemp……. and then we went to the swimming pool. I had no idea that hemp shrunk when it got wet…. I started my slow descent into the pool via the stairs…. I had no idea what was happening – just knew the ropes were getting tighter and tighter….. until I was shrieking “get these off me!” I couldn’t move … everyone at the pool was having a good laugh…especially when the Dom refused to cut the ropes off…. GAH!!! lesson learned – hemp and water don’t mix

  3. Hot Damn!… It’s the Soggy Bottom Boys… and Girls!


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