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What Is A Sjambok?

A Sjambok is a long, thick, semi stiff rod. Originally they were made of things like Hippo hide, but these days tend to be made of rubber or other synthetic materials. They come from the southern end of the African continent and were developed to help in cattle herding, but are now used in BDSM and Spanking, corporal punishment scenes.

They come in a variety of different colours and styles of handles, but the business end seems to be pretty standard, on all of them.

My Thoughts On The Sjambok

What I have seen of Sjambok punishments creates two sensations, fear and curiosity.


It does look like an incredibly intense and harsh implement. Making me wonder if it is beyond my tolerance limits. This scares me, no sub wants to admit defeat. I know I can handle a good caning and that the cane is no lightweight toy to receive, But in this next GIF, you can see a sub being struck with both a Cane and a Sjambok. Notice the difference in his reactions.

The Cane is harshly applied and gets his attention, but the Sjambok looks like it was even harder to handle.

Curiosity and desire

But the Sjambok does interest me and I am curious to find out what it feels like. But am I curious enough to overcome my fear reaction? Added to that is my desire for lasting marks and the Sjambok looks like it leaves a trail of welts that would last many a moon, even on an experienced submissive’s bottom.


If the opportunity arose. I think that my curiosity and desire to be marked, would win over my fear of this implement. But it still sends a shiver down my spine, thinking what the impact would be like and if I am sub enough to endure it.


8 responses

  1. I hadn’t heard of a sjambok before. Looks incredibly harsh to me. No way I think I would be brave enough!


    • Seeing it in action really does scare me, Roz. But it has gained my attention and I am head over heals in curiosity with it now.


    • Well said Roz, too intense for my taste also.
      And the blond, Mistress Baton, does not seem to be into spanking, but using implements and long sessions that leave the bottom deeply bludgeoned.
      Bludgeoning is too much for me, but will respect those who want it and choose it. In the lovely world of spanking, there’s something for everyone.

  2. While I admit the idea of a traditional Victorian type caning scene intrigues at times… I’m pretty certain anything that would make an impression on the bovine hide would be way too much for my tender caboose! You’re a braver lad than I, Prefectdt.

  3. I like to think I’m a reasonably resilient recipient of a beating. I’ve taken a judicial caning of 100 strokes from one of the most severe ladies in the business and whilst the bleeding was horrendous I took the whole punishment without complaint. The only time a Mistress has used a proper sjambok on my long suffering bottom I took 8 strokes before asking her to stop. She wasn’t surprised but obviously I had to be punished for my timidity so I received a severe paddling on my bottom and thighs (front and back).

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