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Daily Archives: May 16, 2022


Clothed Female, Naked Male – CFNM

As most images and GIFs that you find in the Spanking Universe, tend to feature a female on the receiving end of play, this blog does tend to feature a lot of M/f and F/f content. I thought that I would try to redress that imbalance by having a special week, featuring three main posts, that centre around guys getting their butts battered. Specifically, in the CFNM genre.

To Humiliate Him

As in the teacher training image above, it is obvious that the male involved does not need to be fully naked. But it is, at least in the fantasy version, a great way to turn the world on its head, throw out all the misogyny and replace it with misandry. Neither misogyny nor misandry are acceptable forms of behaviour, in real life, but in a fantasy play scene, they can be so much fun. Like in the scene above where the guy has to bare all, whilst the female protagonists get to remain clothed, thus placing him on a lower rung of the professional ladder than themselves.

This also works for a boss disciplining one of her worker drones

Or for a Pro Domme in her dungeon

Females gathered in a group of witnesses, also adds to the subjugation and humiliation of a man being punished

In a one on one Professional Disciplinarian scenario, he only needs to have his trousers round his ankles, to get his bottom smacked. Making him get naked is purely to put him in his place

Or strip him of his uniform and rank for a pretend military scenario

And how much more delicious is it to make your man feel small, by stripping him off and punishing him in front of a friend or relative

Don’t forget to let those lazy work men know exactly where they stand

All in all, making a guy get fully naked just because it adds insult and humiliation to a play scene can be very satisfying and fun. But remember it is only for consenting fantasy play time

Not for real life 🙂

Next instalment of this week’s special series will be on Wednesday, 18th of May