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Daily Archives: May 20, 2022


Clothed Female, Naked Male – CFNM

As most images and GIFs that you find in the Spanking Universe, tend to feature a female on the receiving end of play, this blog does tend to feature a lot of M/f and F/f content. I thought that I would try to redress that imbalance by having a special week, featuring three main posts, that centre around guys getting their butts battered. Specifically, in the CFNM genre.

Caring For Him

Unlike the first in this series of posts (from Monday), this post is not about how getting a guy naked to punish him, heightens his subjugation, but more how a strong, dominant female can show how much she cares about her man by making him strip off to take his licks. As in the GIF above, rather than just telling her man to drop his trousers, for his punishment, his partner marks the occasion, between the two of them, by making him disrobe, making it a special and intimate act, for both of them.

More than just a whupping in the kitchen

Many men (me especially) need to be made aware of their misdemeanours, in no uncertain terms. But to make sure that a partner knows that he is in a situation of caring correction, for his benefit, rather than just being the subject of retribution, a dominant partner can always make her object of her concern take part in a ceremonial shedding of cloths. Not just to bare his butt, but also his soul.

This especially helps when a guy needs a very strict correction

Making the act one of emotional consideration, rather than just a highly painful reminder.

This can also help her prepare for a situation of a more intimate nature, between a loving couple. If that is what helps a woman get in the mood

For a loved, submissive male, even a maintenance spanking becomes a symbol of a strong bond between him and his partner, when she insists that he bare all before her.

In conclusion, there is nothing a dominant woman can do more than making each corporal play or correction time an act of strong bonding, with their partner, than adding an element that is special to the both of them. And for some couples, this act is getting him the same state as the day he was born.

And that ties up this one week CFNM special. I hope that you all enjoyed it. Next week, back to business as usual.